Good News, for a Change

Hutch is finally eating.  Over the last 2 days he ate a little hog food, but today he ate quite well and really liked the Strawberry cake I made for them.  I have been make them cake each morning and feeding it to them warm.  I like spoiling pigs for some reason.

The white tom turkey has made a complete recovery as well.  He is strutting around majestically again.

The hens and roosters I saved from the butcher are doing well.  Everyone is getting along, and they have all moved into the barn.  Previously they were living under the gates leaning against the hay barn, terrorized by the hay loft roosters.  So peace is restored to the barnyard.

Our ancient sheep Wilma is enjoying the sunshine.  She likes to fall asleep with her head leaning on the food pan.

The geese are doing well.  They are adjusting to another new pool.

Tom bought a new-to-him motorcycle.  It is lighter than his current bike and electric start.  It runs well but does need some minor work.

I finally found some time to get one felted fleece rug made.  It does have some holes so will need some needle felting.  This is from Walda.

My hip is feeling better.  The quad and pellet stove are working just fine.  My new boots are wonderful.

And we will pick up our new microwave tomorrow.  It has been interesting learning to adjust to living without one.  We hadn’t realized just how much we rely on it.  Both of us remember when microwaves first came into our childhood homes.  It seemed so exotic at the time.

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8 Responses to Good News, for a Change

  1. Glad that everything is looking up. Hooray that Hutch is eating again and as for Wilma…shes gorgeous

  2. Michelle says:

    Nice to hear you’re all having a reprieve right now!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Hi Donna! We got our first frost early this morning! The thermometer said it was 24 degrees! Brrr! It was chilly when I first went out later, to get ready to leave for Eugene.

    I love your pictures. And I’m so glad to know that Hutch, the beautiful white turkey tom, and the others are all doing better! It has to be a relief for you.

    I got a chuckle out of Wilma, snoozing with her head on the food pan.

    • Donna says:

      I am glad you loved the pictures and got a chuckle. It is a relief that everyone is doing fine. But it is cold out and can be hard on animals.

  4. Denise says:

    so glad to hear that things have turned around! the cold has been hard- hopefully we’ll be back to more normal (rainy) weather for a bit

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