December Boles

We headed to our 1969 Boles Aero trailer in the mountains on Thursday.  We stopped in Cle Elum en route to pick up some steaks from Owen’s Meats.  Then we arrived in the afternoon.  My father, Mo, my brother and Sue were already there.  They all socialized while I organized the trailer and made some brownies.  Here is the sun setting at 4:07 PM.

I made some Old Fashioneds and threw down some appetizers as we watched the Seahawks game on my laptop via a hotspot from Tom’s phone.  It was supposed to be on Fox, but we couldn’t pick it up on our television so this was the best we could do.

Then we had a steak dinner beginning at halftime for an early celebration of my father’s birthday.  My laptop’s battery had died so Sue grabbed her laptop and Greg grabbed his tablet.  It felt like we were in a sport’s bar with multiple screens.  It was fun except for the Seahawks’ play.  And the dinner was amazing.  The brownies were for dessert.

Then we headed down the mountain a little ways.  I am looking uphill at the light coming from the bunkhouse trailer.  It looked pretty to me.  It was so quiet and peaceful up there.

Here’s the light from our Boles.

We were heading to a bonfire.  We are still, over 7 years later, burning the dead tree refuse from the devastating forest fire here.  But we are getting closer to having it all burnt.  It was nice hanging out by the warm fire and talking.

Here is the gorgeous sunrise the next morning.

The sun is making its appearance at 7:41 AM.

Tom, Dad and I drove snowmobiles up the mountain.  Initially it was rough because a truck had tore up the road and later it was tough due to moguls.  But then we came to where the groomer had just been through, and it was much nicer.  We went to Lion’s Rock, and it was gorgeous!

Here are a couple of photos that Tom took up there.

We headed back down to the trailers.  The riding was much easier due to the fact that we had already flattened it out some and the snow had warmed some as well.  There was clouds over the valley the whole time we were there.  At this point it almost looked like waves.  We kept thinking we could just walk out there.

Here is the sun setting over those clouds.

This is Greg and Sue walking down the mountain looking picturesque.

Here is my first attempt at a pano photo with my phone of the sunset.  I think it is pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, this is the trailer thermometer on the wall at 8:30.  It was cold!

This morning I tried my second pano picture of the sunrise.  I like this one as well.

But, shortly after this, the wind picked up.  It persisted.  So this made it way too cold to be enjoyable.  So we started packing up early to leave.

As we headed down I was admiring the frozen fog on the trees.  Here is one of them.  The deciduous trees were actually more dramatic.

Here it is on one of the gas cans we had left with the truck at the bottom of the mountain.

We were both cold after snowmobiling off the mountain and loading the truck.  I couldn’t get warm even in a > 1/2 hour ride to Cle Elum.  So we found Stella’s and had coffee, soup and grilled sandwiches.  It was all so good and warm!

Then we were able to head home.  The drive went well, and the pass was clear.  And we were reunited with our dogs.  Ryeleigh seemed happy to have us home.

And we are happy to be home.  It was a quick but eventful and fun trip.  One thing we talked about on this trip is that Ryeleigh is the best gift I ever gave Tom, and the Boles is the best gift he ever gave me.  So we experienced both today.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed your pictures, and reading about all you did. I hope you didn’t ruin your laptop by running the battery down!

    The sunrise and sunset pictures are really super beautiful!

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