Lists and La Conner

I am a gal who likes lists, much like my father and maternal grandfather. I have lists for everything.  There are lists of what to do at work and what to do at home.  I have packing lists.  I have lists for my infusions and a longterm project list.  I kept my farm list from 2008, and there are still projects not done on it. Some are never ending like mending fencing.

And then there’s the Magic List in the kitchen.  It is an old chalkboard that Tom got from in front of a church in Acme, being given away for free.  It is magic because you write what you want from the store with colored chalk, and it magically appears (because one of us goes to the store and buys the stuff).  It is nice though because we take a photo of it with our phones and shop off of that.

But I also have bucket lists.  I used to have just one, but now I have several.  There is a generalized one which includes the U.S. and some of the rest of the world.  I have a Pacific Northwest one and a Seattle one.  But today I developed my Skagit one.  I have had some Skagit sites long term on my original bucket list like the arcade in Mount Vernon.  But I have added more over time.  This is partially contributed to by the Tales of the Magic Skagit podcast and the recent Explore Skagit newspaper insert (yes, I still get the newspaper).  Here is my Skagit bucket list:

Skagit Skate roller rink in Burlington
Cemetery under big holly tree, colony mountain corner, Bow
lunchbox diner for breakfast, Mount Vernon
Highland games, July 8-9, 2023, Mount Vernon
Sedro 10 Bowling & Deli Shez Cafe, Sedro-Woolley
beaver tales coffee la conner
Ristretto Coffee Lounge & Wine Bar Mount Vernon
Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner
Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum, La Conner
Skagit County Historical Museum La Conner
Skagit Landing for lunch at Airport, Burlington
Heritage Flight Museum at airport, Burlington
KATTS Westside Stories, Reuben sandwich Friday dinner, Mount Vernon
The Concrete Theatre and Act One Ice Cream Parlor in Concrete
Event at Celtic Arts Foundation, Mount Vernon
More movies at the Lincoln theater
Lyman Tavern in Lyman
The Minkler Mansion, Lyman
Blast From the Past, Friday Jun 2, 2023 – Sunday Jun 4, 2023, Sedro Woolley
Brewfest on the Skagit, August 12, Mount Vernon
Oyster Run, September 25, Anacortes
Skagit Wine and Beer Festival, November 19, Burlington?
English Tea, Willowbrook Manor, Tea and Tulips in April, Mothers Tea in May, Harvest Tea in October, and Holiday Tea in December, Sedro-Woolley
Performance at McIntyre Hall, Mount Vernon
The Skagit River Shakespeare Festival, The Rexville-Blackrock Amphitheatre


So today I thought we should knock off some La Conner sites before the Daffodil and Tulips Festivals get busy.  We started off at the Skagit County Historical Museum.  We have been there before but it has been a while.  And they have a Lost Cities exhibit now that I wanted to see.  Here are some photos from that exhibit.

Hoodgal is particularly interesting to me as it was settled by Swedes.

Then we checked out the rest of the museum which we have seen before but noticed some interesting items still.

On that last map, we live in section 32 and part of section 5.

We then headed to the Pacific Northwest Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum which is located in the historic Gaches Mansion.  We had never been here before and they recently added the “Fiber Arts” to their name so that piqued my interest.

The mansion is gorgeous.  There had been a significant fire with extensive damage to the 2nd and third floors in 1973.

The city of La Conner purchased the building and finished restoration in 1978.  The museum moved in in 1997 and purchased the building in 2005.  They then undertook a major restoration to return the exterior, first and second floors to its original historic state.  This was completed in 2013.

Currently on the second floor there is the exhibit Liminal Lines by Maria Shell.  This is an example of these quilts.

This is the view of a portion of La Conner from the third floor.

The third floor exhibit was Bedtime Stitches by Salley Mavor.  They were amazingly intricate felted 3D framed images.  It was quite incredible.

On the first floor was 170 Years of Flowers Pieces from the Permanent Collection.  This was my favorite quilt

Then I went to the Museum of Northwest Art.  There they had an exhibit of art pieces by Italo Scanga from the Dale and Leslie Chihuly Collection. Here’s his story:

Apparently Italo and Dale would scavenge around Skagit county for pieces to include in their art.  You can see this in these art pieces.

On the second floor was other art pieces from the Pilchuck Glass School graduates that were contemporaries of Italo and Dale.

There was also an exhibit of art done by local school children that I loved.

Finally there was a WPA era mural of Skagit County as well.

Tom had chosen to skip this museum and walked Ryeleigh around the streets of La Conner instead.  She is having a great time.

We then headed to Beaver Tales coffee for some hot drinks.  I will look into getting a fresh roasted coffee subscription from them.  They deliver any where in Skagit County for free.

Then we headed over the rainbow bridge and drove through the reservation before heading back home.

It was a nice afternoon of seeing local museums and businesses that we otherwise wouldn’t have.  Plus it is providing them some support with the pandemic waning.  So I would encourage you all to create your own local list and take some time to explore. Who knows what you will find?

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16 Responses to Lists and La Conner

  1. I love a good list, too. They keep me focussed and productive but, most importantly, aid my absolutely horrific memory. Really enjoyed reading along with you.

  2. Michelle says:

    I depend on lists for lots of things, but bucket lists I do not have. Fun to see pictures of you working on yours, though!

    • Donna says:

      Well, I think bucket lists are important. I see something that I might want to do someday, and I add it. I may never actually do it but at least it’s there, just in case.

  3. Donata says:

    As a fellow lover of lists, this is pure gold. Thank you’d probably sharing. I love the magic skagit and all it has to offer.

  4. What a lovely post Donna! So much fun information, and I love that quilt.
    I really love your Magic List, and I have one too! Not as big as yours, but functional and I love the idea of taking the photo of it before going to the store.

  5. Jonathan Bates says:

    What a well written blog post. I loved your story about lists!

  6. Dorothy Ives says:

    Love your lists. And your adventure.

  7. Donna says:

    Thanks Dorothy! It was a little bit of an adventure.

  8. Denise says:

    I haven’t made it to the Skagit Historical Museum yet- really need to get over there and check it out!

  9. Jeanne says:

    Nothing like being a little late in commenting!
    I’ve gone through this post several times. It’s fascinating! I make lists, too, but don’t have a bucket list. Your big chalk board for listing your needs, is great. My daughter and I just use a paper, and write each week’s needs on it, keeping it on the kitchen counter.
    Those socks are beautiful, I especially liked the gray, black and red pair!
    That quilt is SO gorgeous. I sit and look at it each time I’ve gone through your pictures.

    • Donna says:

      So glad you really enjoyed this post. It sounds like lists are popular with my readers. I was in awe of that quilt as well. Incredibly intricate and beautiful. I found a pattern for socks similar to the Swedish pair. I may try to make them.

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