Has Spring Sprung Yet?

Yesterday seemed beautiful.  It was partially cloudy with reasonable temperatures and no precipitation in the forecast.  Spring was in the air.  I noticed that the day lilies that line our foundation are really stating to grow.

I took photos of the croci blooming.

And the snow drops.

The forsythia is blooming although is somewhat scraggly looking.

The flowering cherry is starting to bloom. You can see some of the beautiful blue sky in this photo as well.

I had ordered some lily bulbs to plant in our old wood stove.  I accomplished that yesterday.

And I was really relieved to see that the bees are alive.  I was really worried about them with the last cold snap.  But they are flying around again and collecting pollen.  I checked quickly, and they still have plenty of bee candy.


It was dry enough for Tom to till the garden.  Isn’t that soil pretty?  Every spring I am impressed by it.

I decided that the weather was good enough to wash some wool on the back porch.  But as I was doing this (and Tom was burning some tree debris), the sky darkened and suddenly there was a big squall with very cold wind and lot of sleet.  There were lightening strikes reported nearby.  This did not seem like a “spring shower”.  So is this the “Faux Spring”?  If so, it is late and per this chart we have 2 more months of rain until spring.

Tom had to run to get out of the sleet.  I put on a sweatshirt but was still being pounded by wind and sleet under cover on our porch.  But I couldn’t stop what I was doing so soldiered on.  I now have 10 little samples of wool washed, and they are now drying.

Today was gorgeous.  I even have planted oats, peas, radishes and spinach.  Ever the optimist. Watch, it will snow now!

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8 Responses to Has Spring Sprung Yet?

  1. Washe Koda says:

    Cool flowers 😉 Spring is here in Tennessee too 😉 https://washe240347587wordpresscom.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/spring-toy-thingy.gif
    Well Kitty Spring anyway 😸

  2. Jeanne says:

    Your little crocuses are so lovely! I don’t think I have any left. I guess I’d better buy some this fall.
    That’s too bad about your lovely start to the day, only to be battered by sleet and wind!
    Your soil is really impressive!

  3. No spring here yet, just snow! But I love looking at your beautiful little spring bursts of color.

  4. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe how far ahead of us you are, and we’re five hours south of you! Our soil is saturated and our flowers are quite a bit behind yours.

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