My Aunt Darlene

She died today.  Here are some photos to remember her by.

She trained and worked as a nurse.  She even gave me my first immunizations at the King County Health Department in 1973.  When I told her I was going to be a doctor, she discouraged me and told me they were mean to nurses.  I have tried very hard not to be.

She married and had my cousins Erik and Ted.

I remember all of the cousins’ birthday parties she would host.  They were great fun.  I also remember that she had letter magnets and pictures on her refrigerator.  I thought it was so cool so now I do the same.

Here she is with me and my father at their mother’s burial in Minnesota.

Here she is at my wedding.

DCF 1.0

She and her husband Arnie had a casita in La Paz Mexico which we visited.  Here she is at the beach there.  She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but it was progressing so slowly they even started questioning the diagnosis.

But progress it did.  She has been in nursing care for years and through the pandemic.  My father visited her regularly when he could.

And she died this morning in hospice care.  She is now at peace, but we are all sad.


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9 Responses to My Aunt Darlene

  1. So very, very sorry for your loss, sending blessings for the continued wonderful memories you have of her.

  2. Craig Stone says:

    So sorry for your loss. If I recall correctly Darlene and your uncle Jim were in the same class at Evergreen High School.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Donna, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your aunt was lovely! I know how painful a loss like that can be. I can tell that you loved her very much.
    And by the way, I really like your wedding picture.

  4. Denise says:

    so sorry for your loss, Donna. that was a lovely tribute.

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