A Good Farm Day and Cassidy

It was a productive farm day, mostly due to the work that Tom did.  He spread some composted manure onto part of the garden.  At this point Steve decided he needed to roll in it.  Then Tom was able to till it in so Steve can’t roll in it anymore.

He also moved the old broken manure spreader into the back of the garden.  We are planning on filling it with soil and planting potatoes in it.

We are also smoking a pork leg roast into a ham.  It has been in brine for one week.  I dried it off and put rub on half of it  We are trying to decide if we prefer it with or without the rub.  It is now in the smoker.  We plan on having it for Easter.

Tom has been making good progress on the garden shed.  The old shed is in the background, and he is harvesting wood from the old shed for the new one.

I am low energy this afternoon so I sorted some beads and made bath bombs.

We decided name our new cat Cassidy.  Here are some photos of her.  She likes to look out the windows.  I think she would rather be outside.

She is making herself at home though.

I love the coloring on her back.

I also love her eyes.

She loves playing in sacks.


She is an active cat, more so than any we have had.  It is hard to get photos of her as she doesn’t stay still long except when she sleeps.

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8 Responses to A Good Farm Day and Cassidy

  1. CA says:

    Oh gosh I think Cassidy caught you filming her at the end there! Great idea on half rub/half not. There will be so much flavour in that ham, I can almost taste it.

    • Donna says:

      I think Ryeleigh was making noise, and it caught her attention. I hope it’s a good idea, and that the ham is flavourful. We’ll find out on Easter.

  2. Michelle says:

    Your defunct spreader looks a lot newer than the one we’re limping along with! Looks like Cassidy is happy in her new home. She’ll live a lot longer as an inside cat, no matter what SHE thinks. She doesn’t mind the dogs?

    • Donna says:

      Your spreader must be quite old then. Cassidy seems happy enough except for looking longingly out the windows. She likes to stalk the beagle and hiss at her but no fighting so far. They actually have been sniffing each others noses the last two days. Steve and Cassidy seem indifferent to each other.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Cassidy is lovely!! If you can get a good close-up of her green eyes, I’d like to see them. I’m glad she and Ryeleigh are getting along pretty well so far. Maybe they’ll even get to where they can play a little. One thing I really appreciate about our cat, Chica, is that she doesn’t jump onto the kitchen counter. We’re not sure if she’s too old to jump that high, or if in her earlier life someone broke her of that idea. We don’t know how old she really is.

    Steve surely did make a mess of himself!! It has always puzzled me why dogs like to roll in awful smelling stuff. A little dog I had when I was young loved to roll in dead, rotting fish. Whew! Did she ever reek!

    I hope your potatoes will do well in the old manure spreader. Let me know.

    • Donna says:

      I will try to get a closer view of her eyes. It is tricky. So far she is not getting on the counters but is on the tables. We are teaching her not to. A while ago my two dogs rolled in dead fish. I was on an antibiotic that made me nauseous and I had to drive back home with them in the car. I had to pull over quite a bit. Tom brought home soil and filled the spreader yesterday so hoping to have the potatoes planted today.

  4. Jeanne says:

    I can certainly sympathize with you, when you got sick, that time the two dogs rolled in dead fish. That’s really an awful smell. We lived on the bank of the Snake River, just east of Ontario, OR, when I had that little dog who loved to roll in the dead fish. My dad’s answer to that problem, was to pick her up and toss her out into the river. By the time she swam back to shore, the smell wasn’t so horrible. But to be nauseous, to start with, must have been really bad!

    I hope your ham will be delicious!

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