Coronation Preparation

I had never particularly cared about the British royal family until we happened to see the queen at Buckingham Palace.  I was weirdly in awe.  I have come to realize (probably sacrilegious) that having someone in government who was raised to the role is not a bad idea.  We also saw Camilla at an agricultural show as well.

And you probably realize by now that I am fascinated by the histories of the countries of my ancestors: Sweden, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales.  I haven’t delved into Germany yet.  And I love historic cooking.

So many of my interests are converging on this coronation. And I have been preparing. I have studied the BBC Coronation timetable: Your complete guide to the day.  I subscribed to Britbox again so I can watch the BBC broadcast live.  And with that subscription I watched Countdown to the Crown: The Who’s Who and What’s What of the Coronation.  And today I participated in Fit for a King – Ceremony and Feasting.  My mother was also on the zoom.  They discussed the history of coronations back to King Edgar in 973.  They also discussed the foods prepared for the most extravagant coronation of George IV in 1821.  They discussed Bardolf or Dillegrout which was likely served in all coronations from 1377 through 1821.  There was also mention of chicken in white sauce with shaved truffles and elderflower jelly with raspberries.  I am anxiously awaiting the recipes and hope to make some of them for the coronation.

I do plan on making the much maligned coronation quiche as well as the Original Coronation Chicken recipe from Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

In other news which is sad one of the chicks didn’t survive hatching.  We still have the two though, and the hen is still setting on the remaining eggs.  And operation tadpole rescue happened today,  I like how you can see my reflection in the bucket as I put them in to move them to a moister location.

I hope they make it.

Tom spent most of the day repairing our plumbing.  The pipes that drain the bathroom sink and tub and the washing machine was plug up.  So we haven’t been able to wash clothes nor take showers for a few days.  After multiple attempts he finally got it all cleared, and we were able to take showers this evening.  This is what you get when you have an 80+ year old house.  I cleaned most of the windows while periodically helping Tom out.  I haven’t done the second story windows though.

To reward ourselves, we went to Tacos Tecalitlan to pick up our dinner.  They were recently listed as the best taco in Western Washington with their Taco Chicharron.  I ordered this with taco lingua (beef tongue) and barrio (goat meat).

Tom had Chicken Flautas.

It was incredibly good although the hot sauces were quite hot.  It was a nice reward for a somewhat rough day.

I did buy some Kraken spiced rum for some future Kraken cocktails.  I was pleasantly surprised to get a commemorative bottle with fun labels.

Unfortunately the code doesn’t work anymore.  But we are now starting to watch the Kraken game.  Go Kraken!!!!


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  1. I’m with you re: the benefits of having a head of state raised for the job which I totally acknowledge is an old fashioned idea. The move towards making NZ a republic is definite but my problem is who would replace them…. certainly no one voted in as we know from experience their ideals and beliefs are always compromised.

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