Turkey Poults

Yesterday I picked up five 2 week old Narragansett/Black Spanish cross turkeys from a breeder near Anacortes.  My turkey breeding experiment has been complete disaster so I am hoping to resurrect it with these turkeys.  Here they are:

They seem to be getting along with the chicks well.

I will try to ensure that they do well.

Unrelated, I thought this was an interesting view of Cassidy looking off of the back porch at Steve.

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4 Responses to Turkey Poults

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, boy! Those little turkeys are really pretty! I’m looking forward to seeing them grow up!
    The picture of Cassidy looking out toward Steve is nice. I got a better idea of what she looks like. She is so beautiful!!

    • Donna says:

      The turkeys have really pretty eyes. I was hoping they might have some of the Narragansett patterns but it looks like they may be just black. But should have a lovely sheen to their feathers. Cassidy is beautiful. The sunshine really brings out her colours.

  2. Denise says:

    good luck with the little turkeys! glad to see that Steve is feeling better-

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