Birds and a Cat

I have been watching our birds grow up.  Here are some of the chicks in a sunbeam.

I love chick butts.

The turkey poults are already flying onto the roost.

And I cannot keep myself from taking pictures of our peacock.  He is so beautiful.

As far as the cat goes, she and Ryeleigh are slowly becoming friends.  Here they are scoping out the backyard first thing in the morning.

Here she is showing off some of her orange toes.

She has figured out how to access the barn roof.

And because I had cracked the windows open during the heat wave, she found her way into the hay loft of the barn.

Unfortunately she was hunting the barn swallows there.

So I moved her out and shut those windows.  We have started calling her Wally in deference to the Walter cat in the Checy commercials. We were really hoping to see Walter again in this year’s Super Bowl commercials but no luck.  But our cat acts a lot like this Walter.

In other “bird” news we smoked one of our turkey breasts yesterday using this recipe.

It is so incredibly good.  One of the best things I have ever eaten.

In other news, Tom bought me a fancy new vacuum cleaner today. I have gotten very tired of purchasing vacuums (even expensive ones) and having them crap out after 2-3 years.  We purchased a Sebo vacuum which has very good reviews for longevity.  I brought it home from Quality Sewing & Vacuum in Mount Vernon.  Adam was an amazing salesperson, and we purchased a great vacuum with his guidance.

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5 Responses to Birds and a Cat

  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed your post today! Cats can be a lot of fun. Cassidy/Wally is really an adventurer! I hope she didn’t get any of the swallow babies. We really enjoyed those Walter-the-cat ads, and have still been longing for Chevy to do some more of them! They were just so much fun to watch. Thanks for including two of the ads today! I’ve already watched them, and will do so again!! Did you know that it took several cats to make those ads?

    Neither my daughter nor I, have ever heard of a Sebo vacuum. I’ll have to look them up, I guess.

    • Jeanne says:

      Oops! I forgot, momentarily, to comment on how much fun it is to watch your peacock strutting his stuff!! He’s really beautiful, and it was fun to hear his voice!

    • Donna says:

      We were hoping the last Super Bowl would have new Walter commercials but were disappointed. I did know it took several cats to make. I hadn’t heard of Sebo until I did a lot if internet research trying to find a reasonable vacuum. Hopefully I now have it. It did cost Tom a fair amount of his Challenger money though. And Cassidy/Wally did not injure any swallows in her brief barn visit.

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