Big Farm News

This is the weather recorded last night on our pasture camera. It looks pretty impressive.


Big Orange decided he wanted out of his rabbit hutch ( in the background) where he had been recuperating from fly strike,  He has a limp but otherwise seems OK.  He is getting harassed a little by the other birds but not bad.  There is plenty of space so they should all be able to get along.

But the big news is the cows.  Here is Sonja this morning.

And Marji.

When you circle around to Sonja’s butt though you can see that her udder is filling out, her vulva is loosening up and there is some mucous discharge.

Marji only has a little udder development, but since she has calved many times before she will not show changes until closer to birth.

But Sonja is really showing a lot of changes.  We are anticipating that she will go into labor soon.

So this is great news, but the bad news is that we have to cancel our trip to the Black Sheep Gathering this weekend.  I believe it has been 8 years since I have gone, and I am really disappointed to miss it yet again.  I noticed these pretty flowers by the gate as I was walking back from the cows, contemplating this cancellation.

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7 Responses to Big Farm News

  1. Jeanne says:

    Sonja is SO beautiful!! I hope she will do well with this birth! I’m anxious to see her babe!

    The video of your weather is awesome! What have you been having for temperatures? I think the lowest we’ve had here was 41 degrees yesterday morning! It seems strange to have it that chilly here in June!

    • Donna says:

      She is beautiful. A calf from her and Rory should be impressive. We were at the Boles and it was 40 degrees each morning. It was cool when I went to work yesterday morning but didn’t pay attention to the thermometer. Today it got to 80 degrees.

      • Jeanne says:

        It got pretty warm here today – It was about 89 degrees. It was the high for the year, so far.

  2. Michelle says:

    Well, shucks! But I know you’d rather be on hand to do all you can to ensure a safe delivery of a live calf than go to BSG. Lambing interferes with our church’s women’s retreat at the coast, a fact I conveniently forgot during the years I didn’t breed.

  3. Denise says:

    sorry to hear about having to miss BSG, but calf watch has got to be almost as exciting, eh? 🙂 Hope it all goes smoothly- can’t wait to see the bouncing babes!

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