An Unplanned Weekend of Cow Butt Watching

So instead of going to Oregon to admire fleeces, check out sheep, meet up with friends old and new, and gathering McMenamins passport stamps, we are watching cows’ butts.  Here are the cows with the sun rising Friday morning.

The older peacock was in our backyard that morning which I hadn’t seen before.  It is good that Ryeleigh didn’t notice.

Here are the Friday morning cows’ butts checks.  Sonja’s udder seemed a little more full to me.

Then there is the annual, what chicken breeds do I have?  Is this a Bielefelder rooster?  I am only supposed to have Red Freedom Ranger chicks, Buff Orpington pullets, Silver Laced Sussex pullets and assorted pullets as well as some of my mixed breed chicks.  So there shouldn’t be any Bielefelder roosters.  It may be a Red Freedom Ranger with odd markings.  Nonetheless, I like him.

I am not sure what these ones are.  They could be mixed breeds from our flock.

I suspect this one is a Silver Laced Sussex.

We finally have a peahen setting on eggs up in the loft near the hay elevator.  I am hoping for some peachicks, particularly another white peachick.

Here is Wally (who we used to call Cassidy) surveying her domain.

Saturday morning brought the five turkey poults all on the roost.

I have been doing a lot of gardening, mostly weeding and transplanting.  Here are some of the potato flowers looking pretty.

And here’s the Saturday morning cows’ butts checks.

It seems like the teats are filling out more.  In other news, Big Orange seems to be doing OK.  The other roosters and the younger peacock are bugging him but no major fights.

We decided there wasn’t much cow progress so we opted to leave the farm for a movie and dinner.  We saw the Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the Movies and then had dinner at the Horseshoe Cafe.  It is the oldest cafe in Washington State.  I had chicken and waffles, and Tom had chicken-fried chicken.  Both were really tasty.

The peacock was looking spectacular this morning with his feathers behind him.

The morning butts’ checks didn’t really show much difference.  The udders might be a little fuller.

Tom went on a motorcycle ride with his son while I hung out on the farm, periodically checking on cows.  I did admire all of the work that the bees are doing.

So pretty uneventful mostly-on-the-farm weekend without any calves being born.  The watch continues.

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7 Responses to An Unplanned Weekend of Cow Butt Watching

  1. Jeanne says:

    I really enjoyed your new post. I do have a question: What breed are your cows? I looked through your home page, and didn’t find it mentioned. Sonja seems to have a very long body with short legs.
    Your pictures and text are very enjoyable. I’ve gone through it all several times, but was waiting till I had my laptop going before writing. I really dislike swiping on my Kindle Fire tablet. It always wants to put in words I didn’t want!
    It sounds like your little trip for your “date” was a lot of fun.

    • Jeanne says:

      P.S. I had to chuckle at the thought of Cassidy’s name being changed to Wally. And it also brought to mind out friend and former truck driver, Wallie. That is really her given name! And she’s a very small woman. It’s fun to hear her tell about the time when she went into the Service, and was sent to the men’s barracks!

    • Donna says:

      Marji is an Irish Dexter and Sonja is a Dexter-Highland cross. I am glad you enjoyed this post. The date was nice.

  2. Michellee says:

    Isn’t that just like an animal, to preempt all plans and still leave you waiting!

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