Farm Update

We have been crazy busy, and I haven’t updated the farm news. Here are the chickens enjoying grain. And the hungry sheep.

Ryeleigh has been busting under gates trying to get to the peacocks. Tom fixed one gate with the tractor, mbut she busted through again while he was doing it. So frustrating.

Tom found a couple of holes under the fence and gate in our far back field. So we think it was coyotes that killed our five geese. We have patched it. That with mowing the fields seems to be working. I do have a peahen setting on 4 eggs in a pen. So hoping for peachicks. Big Orange was limping more so I thought all the walking was aggravating him. So I put him back in the rabbit hutch. Unfortunately he didn’t improve and died on Saturday. Tom is starting to clean up the front and put up a fence so he can construct a new produce stand. And I have been gardening like crazy. I have been weeding and planting. I have been harvesting and freezing pie cherries, peas and broccoli. The photo is of the orchard from the top of the orchard ladder.

The 5 turkey poults are getting bigger so I let them them out of the chick pen. They seem to be doing well. I also let two of the meat bird chicks out. I am somewhat concerned because they do not fly well nor roost, but they seem to be OK. The squash in the old pig pen are growing like crazy, much better than the ones in the garden. And Ryeleigh continues to test the gates, but they now seem to be holding her.

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  1. Washe Koda says:

    oh my 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry Ryeleigh is giving you and Tom such a hard time!
    I enjoyed all the pictures, but was puzzled about the top right one! I made it quite a bit bigger, and finally decided it’s the pea-hen! Do you know how long it takes before the eggs might hatch?
    Thanks for sharing!

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