Eventful Week

I had mentioned how busy we’ve been this week.  It started on Saturday when we went with my mother and our friends, Pam and Tommy, to the Mama Jo’s Blues Festival.  It started with Tom Buenger Trio. He has an amazing voice, and Chris Eger plays a great guitar.

Next was the Kim & Brian Band.  This was probably our favorite act.  Kim’s singing was impressive, and Brian was incredible on the guitar.

Then we heard the Rae Gordon Band.  She has a wonderful powerful bluesie voice and can really belt out a tune.  She even brought in Polly O’Keary (a favorite of ours) to help sing a song.  We had seen Rae before at Winthrop.

Next was Nick Vigarino & band.  We have seen him before as an acoustic blues musician.  He is so impressive on guitar, even one built from a gas can.

The show ended with the Stacy Jones Band.  She can also really belt out a tune.  They were a fun band to watch.  We have seen them before as well.

I believe we all had a great time.  It was fun to sit around and listen to music again.

Monday I worked, but we also had 5 tons of hay arrive at our place.

I got home from work Tuesday morning, but there was no time to put up hay since we had been given tickets to the All Star Game!!!!  So we headed to Seattle and left the hay for another day.

We decided to try some of the new food offerings just for this game.  This is the Stromboli from Ballard Pizza.  We also had a Tripleta sandwich later.

Our tickets were on the Terrace Club level so we walked behind the broadcast area.

There we say Rick Rizzs.  Later Tom saw Angie Mentink and Ryan Rowland-Smith.

This is the array of people neat the Batters Box during practice.

You could see the MLB and Fox broadcasters on the field.

In the pre-game ceremonies they had the Budweiser Clydesdales.  They had a tribute to the 2001 Mariners.  They introduce all of the players going over a red carpet. Then there was the anthems of Canada and the USA with a military flyover. Edgar and Junior threw out the first pitches to Wilson and Buhner.


George Kirby was able to pitch and did well.

There was a nice Stand Up To Cancer tribute after the fifth inning.

Then Julio came in the game, and the Mariners fans went wild.

It was a great game.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience for us, and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

We got home after 10, and we were up at 6 this morning to unload the hay.  The tarp Tom had put on it had come off, and there was dew on it.  So we had to wait until the sun came up to dry it out.  So we did some of the ubiquitous chores while we waited.  But then we moved the 5 tons into the hay loft.  We were averaging one bale per minute which I thought was pretty good given our ages.  They are ~85# per bales so it was a lot of work.  Now we are getting everything ready and packed for our anniversary trip.  So the eventful week will continue!


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4 Responses to Eventful Week

  1. Jeanne says:

    Wow!! So much fun in such a short time! It’s almost overwhelming to think about!
    The Blues Festival must have been great!
    I’ve always wished I could go to a major league baseball game and that one had to be fantastic!! Your pictures are beautiful!

    • Donna says:

      I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. If you can make it to Seattle we will take you to a Mariners game. We used to go all the time.

      • Jeanne says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t think that will be a possibility. I can probably live without seeing a Mariners game. But thanks for the offer! If I had a choice, I’d rather meet you!

      • Donna says:

        We’ll figure out how to meet.

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