Peachicks and Other Farm News

It is good to be home again, sleeping in our bed.  The pets are happy having us home again too.  Wally is such an odd cat.  I have never had a cat get in the bathtub.

Yesterday I removed 11 of the bigger poults from the weasel proof pen.  This is the remaining buff and red birds.  That left 23 mostly black birds in the pen.

We did get an inch of rain on Monday.  This was much needed.  But our grass is still green due to our high water table.

This morning I had a pleasant surprise in the barn.  There were three peachicks with one of the peahens in one of the pens.  She, of course, picked the dirtiest pen we have to make her nest.

There is even a white chick, which I am thrilled about.  So I wanted to protect them as best I can.  So I kicked all of the chicken poults out of their pen and set it up for little chicks.  Tom got some game bird starter for them at the feed store.  And I moved them.  Initially the hen was pecking them, but gradually she adjusted and started looking after them again.  It was hard to photograph them as she kept getting in the way.

As I did other farm chores though, I heard some cheeping.  I thought it might be the peachick’s cheeps echoing, but then I saw one in the pasture.  I dropped everything and was able to capture this chick.  I moved it in with the other three and after a bit the hen accepted it.  I am glad I hung around long enough to find this fourth chick before something bad happened.

I then did some other chores.  I harvested some bamboo and fallen apples for the critters.

I did quite a bit of weeding in the garden and planted some zucchini and cucumbers.  My first planting of them failed so I started more and now have them out.  Then I picked some blueberries and currants.

I also harvested a bit of the cauliflower.  Tonight’s dinner will be Golden Cauliflower Quiche, a favorite of mine.

I decided I am actually enjoying this summer.  In recent years I have been too ill from adrenal insufficiency/steroid withdrawal to do much, particularly with gardening.  Plus it has been insanely hot and smokey in recent years.  So this is quite nice.

Meanwhile Tom is building a new produce stand to replace the one that was destroyed by the falling tree on Easter.  He has made quite a bit of progress.

I keep going back to check on the chicks.

We had decided before these chicks were hatched to sell our younger peacock.  We do not need two.  They have been bothering our beagle and are quite loud.  So if you are interested in him, let me know.  We can add a peahen too.


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6 Responses to Peachicks and Other Farm News

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, I’m so happy for you finding the peachicks! And even a white one! It’s so exciting! They’re so cute!

    I hope someone will take you up on the peacock.

    Hoping you’ll have a good day tomorrow.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! I am happy too. I just have to keep this one alive.

      • Jeanne says:

        Yes, i immediately thought about the death of the last one. I’m praying that this one will make it!
        I teased Marlys about getting your young peacock! Her reaction was what I expected – a big NO! I rather miss hearing the ones that have been close by in the past. Marlys didn’t like them. She said they were too loud. But it would not be a good thing, since the people behind us have two huskys. The young one has jumped over the fence into our yard several times. The owner told Marlys that the dogs would kill a cat if they could get it.

      • Donna says:

        Not a good idea to get a peacock there.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Any takers on your young peacock? I hope someone will take him? How much are you asking?

    • Donna says:

      Not from the blog but I haven’t posted him on sales sites yet. I was thinking $100. I see them for sale for more but he is not purebred.

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