Feeding the Wildlife

The birds have been eating the plums. Above are the last ones they haven’t finished yet.

Fortunately the blueberries are covered with netting, and the grapes are mostly covered to keep the birds away.

The rabbits have been eating the fallen apples.

The squirrels have been eating the filberts.

They have also been eating my precious walnuts. I harvested today before they got them all, and this is all I got.

The rodents have eaten quite a few carrots and almost all of the beets. This is one of the three beets that are left out of two rows.

Finally the eagles continue to eat my chickens. They will now be confined to the barn.

I know, that is farming. What did you expect? But we put a fair amount of money, time and labor into these items. And the wildlife do not. So it is so frustrating to lose them. Right now we are trying to keep the squirrels from eating all of the corn like they did last year.

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6 Responses to Feeding the Wildlife

  1. Chloe says:

    It’s a constant issue to keep the wildlife out of your food! I have a friend that puts an electric wire around her garden to keep the deer out.
    When you take the walnuts in what do you do with them next?
    I got bit by a tick so I’m trying to stay away from the great outdoors but I need my walnuts!

    • Donna says:

      One nice thing that I mentioned to Tom as I wrote that blog post. We do not have deer problems. This is the first time our tree has made walnuts so the internet is telling me what to do with them. Unfortunately I had to pick them early so we shall see. Sorry about the tick bite.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m really sorry you’ve had such problems! You need all your fruit and veggies, as well as your chickens. What a bummer! Hang in there!
    I’ll try to write this afternoon.

  3. Denise says:

    Dag. Sorry to hear about the issues with wild critters. They are relentless. Only three beets out of two rows! geez.

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