Apple and Pear Days

Tom has been picking apples like crazy.  He is picking ours and those of family and friends.  Here are some of those apples.

He has been pressing them into cider.  Here is Wally hanging out while he presses.

The animals are getting the pressed apples.  They seem to like them.

I finished picking the pears today.  This is 4 boxes of them.

One box was ripe so I canned them.  I produced 8 quarts.  But there are 3 more boxes that will need to ripen.  I have my work cut out for me.

Previously I had picked the remaining grapes.  The birds had gotten almost all of the ones under the netting.  So I mostly was able to pick the ones that weren’t ripe enough for them to eat.  I destemmed them Sunday while watching the Seahawks first game (a loss).

The peacock is losing his feathers.  I will be selling them for 25 cents each, if anyone is interested.  Here are the ones he hasn’t dropped yet.

Tom had placed a cardboard box on the back porch to put in the recycling.  But Wally adopted it so now it is her bed.  Tom has since added a towel, and she spends a good portion of her days there.

In the mornings though, when I am trying to check my emails, she likes to lay on the keyboard, trying to get attention.

Unfortunately the rabbits are now eating the corn stalks before the ears are ready.  So our corn harvest is going to be quite poor again this year. Here are some of the chewed up stalks.

And the donkeys have been eating the squash leaves in the old pig pen.  I have a large green pumpkin that I would really like to see ripen so I can carve a large jack o lantern.

So I fenced the donkeys away from them. So far it is working.

It is easier to fence donkeys away from squash than rabbits away from corn.

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8 Responses to Apple and Pear Days

  1. You’ve been busy my friend! Winter treasures/

  2. Thrilled you got so much bounty. Frost got all of ours so no fruit to can or process this year. Garden was a bust too except for green beans. Rabbits and deer are trying to get all of my tomatoes so I’ve started picking them green and putting in windows to ripen. Good luck with the rest of your crops!!!

  3. Jeanne says:

    I’m amazed at how many apples Tom picked! I hope the cider will be really good.
    Your pears are beautiful. I’ve always loved the looks of the canned fruit and tomatoes. It was sad – Marlys bought two heirloom tomato plants, but they are dying. I’m not sure why. It would have been nice for her to have those. The ordinary ones are too high in acid.
    That’s too bad the birds got so many of the grapes. Rascals!
    I always forget that you have the donkeys. You don’t write much about them. Are they minis?

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jeanne! That is sad about Maryl’s tomatoes. They are mini donkeys, Marty and Olivia. I probably don’t write about them much because they don’t cause any problems usually.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Can you send me a picture of them? I could only see part of one in this post.

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