Boles Weekend

We headed up to our Boles Aero trailer on Saturday.  This was partly to see a part of my family but also to start the process of building a new cabin for my father.  Tom brought his surveying gear to stake out the corners for the foundation.  My dad and brother were his rod men.  The dogs helped too.

Dad laid out the plans, which are currently awaiting approval by Kittitas county, on our dining table.

So excited!

I am having a flare of my plantar fasciitis.  I walked the dogs once and found the remains of the castle.  But that taught me I cannot walk.  So Tom did the dog walking after that.

Saturday evening we hung out in our trailer.  There was Dad, Mo, Greg and Sue.  This is Greg and Sue checking our our Julio’s cereal.

Here is a doe in front of our trailer Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning we decided to watch the Seahawks game against the Detroit Lions.  We started on my father’s deck as we figured there would be enough room and the weather was decent.  It was quite a set up.

Unfortunately the antenna was not terribly cooperative.  We tried to move the party to the bunkhouse where Greg and Sue were staying.  There wasn’t much success there either. So we moved to our Boles Aero, but it was really crowded.  Mo ended up watching it at their place, and Dad joined her for overtime.  Greg and Sue decided to grab a quick lunch when overtime started thinking they had time, and they missed the dramatic ending.  It was a fun game.

We (with the beagle) then took Dad’s Ranger to Tom and Hermaine’s place nearby.  They have a really nice place, and it has been an inspiration for us to build a new cabin.

Mount Rainer came out yesterday.  We had been siting the cabin to take advantage of its view, but we couldn’t see it.  So thankfully it showed itself where we expected it to be.

Since I couldn’t walk, I decided to knit with football on the TV.  I made some good progress on my Sheep Tribute Scarf.

Tom enjoys watching the local news.  They give a Trash Can Forecast which is hilarious (and accurate).

We enjoyed a really nice sunset last evening,

Today we packed up and headed home.  It was a nice although brief trip.  It was sad I couldn’t do my usual walking around, but I was able to relax and enjoy myself nonetheless.  And getting started on the new cabin is huge!

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4 Responses to Boles Weekend

  1. Denise says:

    must feel good to begin the rebuilding! hope that the approval comes through quickly, and that the plantar fasciitis abates. that can be a really bugger to resolve. Shimon was dealing with that recently, and found that kinesiology tape helped.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m very sorry about your plantar fasciitis. It must be very miserable.
    Your knitting looks very nice! Keep up the good work!
    Those sunset pictures are beautiful! I enjoyed the one of Rainier, too. It’s such a magnificent mountain.
    How long do you think it will take to complete the cabin?

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