The Good Life

Recently I had been watching youtube episodes of The Supersizers Eat and The Supersizers Go.  This was because of a recommendation mentioned by the Culinary Historians of Chicago on one of their podcasts.  I really enjoyed these episodes, and this lead me to Giles & Sue Live the Good Life which I am now watching.  I am in the middle of episode 2.

I know I have watched snippets of The Good Life which this is based on, but I do not believe I have watched full episodes.  And this was in my adulthood so did not influence my farming decision making.  But watching the Giles and Sue episodes has been quite fun and reminds me of my excitement when I first was looking into having a farm; buying books, investigating different crops and animals, etc.  It is fun remembering those days.  One of their farm visitors mentioned that the term the good life doesn’t really refer to the farmers but the animals on their farms.  That is probably true for us as well.  I know it is a hard life with lots of work, disappointments and failures.  But I really cannot imagine me doing anything else.  I do not see me living in a city anymore.  (Tom would probably agree.)

I am apparently on a British thing right now.  With my illness (in my fatigued afternoons) I have watched season 3 of All Creatures Great and Small on PBS and am working on my tivoed The Repair Ship episodes.  In my defense as an American, we did watch a scary movie on Halloween (although I didn’t have the energy to carve any jack o’ patterns despite my perfect pumpkins for this), and we watched some sports (football, hockey and World Series baseball).  Recently my fatigue level had improved to the point I could do some knitting as well.

As far as the farm goes, I did help with some of the chores again this morning before the afternoon fatigue.  I noticed how autumny and stormy it appears now.

Our beagle is being really bad lately, digging into the pasture to chase the peafowl.  She spent a portion of the morning locked on the back porch due to this.  After this she managed to get quite dirty, and Tom had to towel her off in the laundry room.

So that is the good life from Schoonover Farm.

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2 Responses to The Good Life

  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m glad you’re able to do some work on the farm! Obviously, though, you still need to do some recuperating!

    I’m sorry Ryeleigh is being naughty. I hope she can be taught to not do that. Sometimes dogs can be ornery.

    Are The Good Life episodes filmed in England?

    Do you ever watch the PBS channel? We watched a very interesting program this evening. It was one of the Finding Your Roots, done by Henry Louis Gates.

    • Donna says:

      I am trying to listen to my body and rest when it says to. I hope we can teach Ryeleigh. It to go after the peafowl but I am not optimistic. She gets crazy when she sees them. The Good Life episodes were filmed in England. I am learning about some of the different laws regarding farming there compared to here. One thing is that you can’t give leftover human food to pigs there. I watch a lot of PBS and have watched Finding Your Roots. It is an interesting show.

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