Alaska Virus

This virus I picked up on vacation has been a doozy.  There have been systemic, respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.  Each day has been a new challenge.  Thankfully, Tom never got it and has been doing all of the household and farm chores while I try to recuperate.  He even made us Summer Minestrone Soup using our fresh tomatoes, green beans, and fresh basil.  It was perfect.

I had put in an order for Piroshky Piroshky in early October to pick up in Burlington for last Friday, well before getting ill.  This came in handy and covered two of our dinners nicely.

Yesterday I finally felt a little better and helped him with the farm chores.  I had two recuperating hens in a rabbit hutch that had become uninhabitable in my absence.  So I removed the now-well-grown peachicks and their mother from the “weasel-proof pen” and moved these two hens in. I am worried about them peachicks, of course, but so far they are doing OK.

I also managed to harvest the squash in the pig pen finally.  I have been worried that they would all be destroyed by the intermittent freezing temperatures and storms, but this is what survived as well as 3 decent sized spaghetti squashes.  What didn’t survive the poultry is enjoying.  So I am content.

So after nearly 4 years of immune suppression, it has finally caught up with me.  I need to be more careful.

P.S. I missed my grandson’s ninth birthday party today due to this nasty virus.  I have never missed one of his birthday parties so am bummed.  It sounds like it was fun.

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  1. Small comfort, but I’m glad Tom stayed well so he could do chores and some cooking! Glad you’re on the mend; what a fortunate grandson that you have been present at eight of his nine birthday parties!!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    I’m thankful that you’re doing better. That was a long haul for you. I can’t help but wonder where and how you got that “bug”!!

    I’m sorry you had to miss William’s birthday party. I’m sure he missed having you there!

    I hope your young peafowl will be okay – especially the white one!!

    Take care of yourself!

    • Donna says:

      I think I probably got the bug from the Snow Cat Aurora tour but it could have been the Ice Museum tour as well. I was told that I was missed at the party. I am hoping the young peafowl do all right. I am particularly attached to the white one. They are doing OK so far.

      • Jeanne says:

        I don’t know where I picked up that nasty chest cold, either. My pregnant granddaughter got sick and so did her two year old son. He got over it very quickly. she took a little longer. I won the prize (!!) for being sick with it the longest!

        I’m really looking forward to seeing that white peachick grow up. Can you tell yet if it’s a he or a she?

      • Donna says:

        Tomorrow will be 2 weeks of my illness. Everyone else is fine. The white bird is definitely a peacock so excited to see him grow up.

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