Happy Saint Distaff’s Day!

I was able to participate in a zoom spinning celebration. It was so nice to spin and commiserate with fellow fiber artists. Here is what I accomplished in about an hour.

Unfortunately for me I worked last night and had a rough shift. So I had to bow out and leave early. But I finished spinning the Falkland wool roving I had purchased at the last Fiber Fusion so am happy. Now I need to figure out what it wants to be and ply it accordingly.

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Tom’s Birthday Coast Trip

We headed to Westport to celebrate his birthday. (Warning, there are lots of photos in the post.)  I got things packed up but decided to let him choose his own food for dinners for the trip. So we made a detour to Mercer Island,

and stopped at Metropolitan Market there.  There was a flashy Corvette in the parking lot.

We listened to Bowl Games and Jim Ladd’s Deep Tracks on the way south.  We went by Satsop

and Aberdeen.

Then headed to the coast.

Here was the view from the cottage we stayed at in Westport.  There were a lot of surfers when we arrived.

It was a small cottage.

It had some interesting decorations.

There was a jacuzzi tub with a Three Stooges poster next to it.

At cocktail hour I made us Old Fashioneds with the Woodinville Rye Whiskey that Tom received as a Christmas present from my cousin.  It was tasty.

For orientation, this is where we stayed.

We watched some of the Rose Bowl.  We had purchased pork tenderloin with garlic black pepper sauce for dinner.  But unfortunately realized that this cottage only had two burners and a microwave oven.  We then scouted around the property

and found a BBQ outside we could use.

As Tom was finishing cooking the meat, I had brought the dogs back to the cottage and was finishing steaming the asparagus with Monday Night Football on.  And this happened.

I watched the event as it happened.  Thankfully Tom was still outside and missed it.  Here is when I believe the coaches refused to continue the game.

And the fans left.  It was all very horrifying and put a pall over our evening.

The next morning the waves were wild, coming over the breakwater.  It partially flooded our road out.


The weird fake (and squeaky) wall “fireplace” came in handy drying Tom’s shoe.

And a Lemay garbage truck blocked our view.

We checked out and headed to Half Moon Bay to walk around.

There was this huge piece of Madrone wood that Tom wishes he could have taken home.

This is looking back north towards Westport.

And this is around the point looking south.

We headed back into town and had lunch at the King Tide restaurant which was really good.  Then we headed out of town, past the Maritime museum which was closed,

and the harbor

to the Grays Harbor Lighthouse.  It is Washington’s tallest.  But it was closed as well.

Then we headed to the beach just west of there for some more walking.

Then we were able to check into our new abode for the next two days.  It is farther down the coast roughly halfway to Grayland.

We had a nice hot tub, then dinner, binged Emily in Paris and slept quite well after all of that walking.

For Tom’s actual birthday on Wednesday we hot tubbed again with our morning coffee and then had a nice breakfast.  We then walked to the beach.  The dogs absolutely love the beach.

It started getting more windy, blowing the sand and the waves.

The weather turned nasty in the afternoon with rain and wind.  So we relaxed in the rental.  I knitted,

Tom read, and the dogs napped.

We had a nice steak birthday dinner accompanied by wine that Mo gave us for Christmas.  Coconut cream pie complete with birthday candles was for dessert.

This morning we hot tubbed one more time.  I noticed this amazing spider web then.

And we packed up and headed home.  It was a nice trip, and we are happy to be home again.  Tom had a lovely birthday.



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My Year’s End

It started yesterday evening when I attended the Seattle Symphony with my mother (it was her Christmas present from me).  It was Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.  Here is the ex-Macy, ex-Bon Marche star behind a rainy windshield as we drove there.

Our seats were really close to the stage.  Initially I thought it was cool, but then I realized we wouldn’t be able to see many of the musicians, but then I was thrilled because the sound was amazing so close.  The performance was incredible, and I had an amazing time.

I spent the night at Mom and Al’s and slept in until 9:00.  That is unheard of as I usually wake up at 5 AM.  I must have been tired.  I drove home and after lunch joined a virtual New Year’s Eve fiber zoom. I pulled out some colorful Falkland wool to spin that I bought at Fiber Fusion earlier this year.

I had the zoom on the laptop, the spinning wheel going and yet another bowl game in front of me (muted).  The zoom was amazing, getting to see so many fiber artists and their amazing works.  Unfortunately I only attended for an hour as I had to get the house clean and prepare for work tomorrow.

But this is the amount of spinning I accomplished in that hour.  You can also see the amazing slippers I got for Christmas which I am now wearing constantly in the house.

While I cleaned the house Tom got the running boards I bought him for Christmas on the truck.  Like many spousal presents I had ulterior motives.  But they look really good on the farm truck and will make it easier for everyone (not just me) to get in the truck.

I took a bath while Tom started prepping to make fish and chips with the halibut that my aunt and uncle gave us for Christmas.  They caught it themselves near Homer, Alaska so this is a truly amazing gift.  We thought it would make a great New Year’s Eve dinner, and it did.  It was so wonderful!

We are watching yet another bowl game and then will likely watch some of New York’s celebration while trying to keep the dogs calm with the neighbors’ illegal fireworks.  We will go to bed well before midnight as I have to get up early to work tomorrow. Happy New Year!!!!

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