Shearing goats and sheep

Shearing goats and sheep
Today I sheared three goats and four sheep. The goats are a white pygora (pygmy-angora cross), a grey angora and a black cashmere. The sheep are all Shetland- 2 grey, one moorit (brown) and one cream-colored. I was getting quite tired on the last sheep and I ended up cutting him (Reuben) in the neck area and having to stitch him back up. I feel horrible.

In addition I trimmed all the goat hooves and gave them all shots and wormed the ones that appeared anemic. I wasn’t able to catch one of the does, and I didn’t even try to catch the bucks. My buck Cody is impossible to catch in a field without two people so I’ll wait until Tom can help me.

I took a hot bath afterwards and then my husband gave me a back rub (after he got off work) so I’m feeling a little physically better now.

2007-03-22 00:52:49 GMT
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