Shaun the Sheep addict

Shaun the Sheep addict

I have become a Shaun the Sheep addict by watching episodes on You can find those by search for Shaun the Sheep there. Here’s the first one (which was my introduction to Shaun):

Here are some legal video clips from the official web site here:


2007-05-09 14:54:10 GMT
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Those episodes are pretty funny – I like the little flock of them that you’re putting on your emails – Do you have a new picture of Jewell that you could email me so I can put her on my blog for everyone to see? Tina
–Tina T-P

2007-05-14 00:56:03 GMT


I’ll send you a photo of Jewel.

2007-05-24 03:23:09 GMT

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