New dog and lamb shots

New dog and lamb shots

We acquired a new dog from the pound on Monday. We have been having problems here with crime- attempted break ins, stealing stuff and most recently cutting the brake line on Tom’s truck. We thought our large but friendly dogs would deter unwanted visitors but recently we had a guy walk to our front door and knock without the dogs barking and the UPS guy jumped our locked gate to deliver a package to the front door (then the dogs chewed the package to bits). We had bought a security camera but it didn’t work nor did its replacement. So I kept bugging Tom to get another dog- this time an intimidating one. He resisted saying that we have plenty of dogs (which is true) but finally relented when I found the Rottweiler at the Everett animal shelter. Tom had a Rottweiler cross until she (Sugar) died of old age. She was a great dog and a wonderful guardian so Tom and I both felt comfortable getting a well-mannered Rott. She had been brought to the shelter after her owner had been deployed to Iraq. She’s really friendly and mannered and is fitting in really well. She’s quite large and intimating though.

So today I hung out in the garden- weeding and planting squash starts, 20 raspberry plants and flower seeds. This way I could watch the new dog. She did go through our electric fence once but I replaced the battery and that took care of the problem. She’s getting along with the other dogs and the cats. She did charge the sheep through the fence today though so we need to watch that- she was forcefully told no. She acted well when a visitor came over too.

After this I did the animal chores and milked the goats. I then caught all the 16 lambs, looked them over, and gave them all shots. That was quite a chore. I became quite exhausted after all of this and took a long hot bath and now feel quite good.

2007-05-24 03:20:19 GMT
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Sounds like you found as good a fit in a dog as you possibly could! Hope she learns about the sheep, though.
–Michelle at Boulderneigh

2007-05-26 01:06:11 GMT


So far so good- she’s not paying any attention to the sheep now. I think the sheep involved was actually taunting her through the fence. Shetland sheep are not like normal sheep.

2007-05-30 21:00:36 GMT

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