Pheasants, rabbits & visiting goats

Pheasants, rabbits & visiting goats

We have chicken hens setting on pheasant eggs. So far we have two pheasant chicks hatched by the leghorn hen that she’s raising quite well. We also have two chicken chicks hatched by another hen. There’s two more hens setting on pheasants eggs as well as a duck and a pheasant hen setting.

Last weekend we salvaged aluminum siding from a barn that’s going to be torn down and sent to the landfill. We also scavenged a rabbit hutch, rabbit signs and crocks. We did this in a torrential downpour when I was getting over a flu bug. Today I got the hutch ready (it needed a new roof) and put the vintage signs up. I moved our rabbits into the now 4 hutches we have (all from the same lady). She’s lived for many year on a road that’s now being widened into her entire front yard. She decided to sell her place, and it’s all going to be demolished. It’s really sad to see all her hard years of work on the house and garden destroyed. We offered to buy the stuff from her, but she wouldn’t take any money- she just didn’t want to see it wasted.

Pixie and Trixie are goats I sold to a couple who live in Seattle 2 years ago. They live in a backyard there with a dog and go on walks in the city of Seattle as well as hikes and runs. They came back today for 2 weeks of goat sitting- their owners are going on vacation. So they have to learn to act like goats again.

I also macheted blackberries and holly and pulled morning glory today. There’s a lot of the stuff growing and smothered more desirable plants. I cleared out an electric fence that was being overgrown and fixed a chicken-wire fence we have to keep the chickens on the pasture. I did the usual animal chores- I’m down to milking one goat so that’s getting easier. I also filled in a number of holes the dogs have dug up in the yard- I think the are chasing moles but the holes they dig are much bigger than the moles’.

2007-06-14 00:47:07 GMT
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Dear Donna

My husband I recently moved to Lopez Island last year. Being on a piece of property that we can spread out and begin pursuing “animal” interests in a dream come true.

I have – for many years longed to raise Highland Beef Cattle, Orphington chickens, plus various other animals listed on the Livestock conservatory, but never been in a place that I could do so until now.

In doing a web search for Nigerian Dwarf Goats – I found your website and was delighted to see so many of the animals you are raising on your piece of heaven are exactly ones that I have interest in.

Would it be too much of an bother for us to stop by sometime and visit. We don’t get off island very often – but I am eager to begin creating my own little “farm” and would like to begin looking at purchasing various livestock.

I would also appreciate any advise or insight you may be willing to share – with a “Novice”. We currently raise REX rabbits ( but have a horrible time with weasels killing our does). We are looking and building a enclosed rabbitry and chicken house this summer, and then hope to expand to raising goats, and turkeys.

Thank you for your time
Georgeana M Cook

I have tried to email you at but have been unsuccessful

Could you please email me at

2007-06-17 00:14:46 GMT


You are very welcome to visit our farm. I did receive an email from you as well so will respond there with more information about setting up a visit.


2007-06-17 16:54:50 GMT

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