OK- now I’m feeling better. As soon as I start whining about an illness and making doctor appointments I get better. Go figure- just another virus.

Our other rabbit doe never delivered. So only one litter of rabbit kits. Nine bunnies is probably enough anyway. I’ll try again once the weather warms.

The curse of being healthier is that after the game we are going to repair the cow shelter in a cold torrential downpour and wind- the cows manage to rip a large plywood wall off. Then we’ll lay down some cedar shaving, band our bull calf and move him out there with his mother. She’s trashing the pen in the barn so they get to go out in the nasty weather. Plus we need the pen (after it’s cleaned up) for three goat does that are coming over to be bred.

2007-12-02 19:23:35 GMT
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