Rams & kids

Rams & kids
We continue to have issues on our farm. We still don’t know what killed our four adult goats. All the tests have been normal so far, but we are still awaiting toxicology results.

Then last weekend 3 of our goat kids became sick with diarrhea. They have been on coccidiosis treatment every 15 days for 5 days, and they were just due to start. I took the sickest one into the vet to be sure. I hadn’t been able to get Corid so have been using Albon. We used higher doses of Albon as well as Probios, Kaopectate and energy drench, and they are all doing better. We hadn’t had problems with this treatment in the past, but it may have been because I wasn’t treating the does too, the does were stressed by frequent pregnancies (thanks to our escape artist buck) and somewhat less nutrition because of this, overcrowding because the barn is fuller with hay storage space this time of year, or tracking mud on our boots into the barn. I am very thankful they are doing well now and have Albon on order from Jeffer’s. We cleaned out and limed a pen and have the 5 weaned kids in there.

One of my least favorite farm tasks is putting the rams back together after mating season. That was today’s other major chore. I cleaned out a pen, put in a fence post in the center with 4 tires, 2 bales of hay laid on their side. Then I got the rams, put scented deodorant all over them and hope for the best.

2008-01-17 00:45:07 GMT

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Donna – I wonder if there is some sort of endophyte in the hay??? It almost sounds like there might be something in something. I suppose the tox report will answer that. I know molds in alfalfas can kill sheep that eat it. I’ve had problems getting quality hay this year, so that’s on my mind anyway. I am sorry to hear the problem continues.

When I was looking through the pictures of your renovation I saw you mentioned someone had cut your brakelines at one time. Could someone be feeding your animals something?



2008-01-21 00:40:20 GMT


Those are both good thoughts. Our hay is from across the street and seems to be really good quality. There’s no visible mold or dust on it. I’m still waiting on the toxicology results though.

We got a Rottweiler after the brake cutting episode. It would be kind of hard for someone to get to the goats to poison them in the barn but anything’s possible.


2008-01-24 02:27:54 GMT

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