Happy Easter 2!

So Cally decided to go into labor when I was supposed to go to sleep. She first produced a tiny thin kid and then two normal sized ones. I was sure the small one was not going to be able to breathe then eat then stand but she proved me wrong. It took 2 hours though. Now it really looks like we will have a bottle baby. She is cute though a golden buckskin. The second one is a flashy black and gold buckskin buckling the third one is chocolate brown with a gold belly and a white star. She has a curly coat though. Not sure what to make of that. I will get better photos when I find time.


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4 Responses to Happy Easter 2!

  1. Rayna says:

    Awww congrats! Beautiful sounding babes!

  2. HisTek says:

    Very cute kids. You are very blessed. will the little one stay real small? Now the sheep need to get going!

  3. Krista Murphy, Hens and Friends Farm says:

    Congrats. So cute! How small is the little one? Just wondering in comparison to my little buckling. Who’s the daddy? Still waiting on Minuet to kid. I will eventually learn the signs(although I have read them a thousand times). She is close, I know that. Enjoy your new kids:)

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks for the “cutes”! If the little ones makes it (Tom is calling her “Pee Wee”) she should be normal size. And totally agreed that the sheep need to get with the program. I was hoping this would inspire them but it has not so far. Pee Wee is only 1# 6 ounces this morning so she definitely lives up to her name. Her siblings are at least three times bigger. Cody is their dad. Hope Minuet will kid soon (as well as Patches, Fern & Magpie here).

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