Spring Day!

Today was a nice, warm, sunny spring day.  Hazel’s Satin Angora bunnies are 3 week sold so they got to move to a cage in the feed shed (rather than a kennel on top of the dryer) and are offered food and water- although they show no interest.  I also trimmed the hooves on all of the goats as well as wormed them and injected them with Multi-Min.  

After this was accomplished I heard a crying out from the barn.  I went in and noticed Fern, our pygmy doe, in labor.  I called Tom in from building the greenhouse, and we watched her.  She was crying and pushing hard, but it had not been long enough to intervene.  She then pushed a head out but no legs.  Uh oh..So now is time to intervene.  I managed to pull one leg out but couldn’t get the other.  So I pulled the head and the leg.  It was scary because the neck stretched a bit, but we were able to deliver the kid.  She is a tan and black buckskin doeling with a white belt and star and frosted ears.  Her father is our Nigerian Dwarf buck Yahoo so she’s a Pygmy-Nigerian cross.  We are considering calling her Fannie Mae.
Pee Wee, our runt Nigerian kid, is doing well with frequent bottle feeds and warming.  She is still quite tiny but is walking and sucking better.  We are trying to get some meat on her bones so she can maintain her temperature better.  She’s currently on my lap sleeping wrapped in a dryer-warmed towel.

By the way, congratulations are in order for Rabbit Meadow’s two new lambs born yesterday.  I got to watch the whole process on their lamb cam (above) and even called their cell phone to offer advice during the process.  Isn’t technology interesting!  Madison (the ewe) is the proud  mother of a ewe and a ram lamb.
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2 Responses to Spring Day!

  1. HisTek says:

    Congratulations on the new doeling. She is very pretty. You are going to have a barn full of babies when everyone is done kidding and lambing. The bunnies are so cute too. thanks again for the help during Madison’s lambing. It was very reassuring to us. We appreciated it.

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you. We will but it is better than when I thought we had an EXTRA unintended 6 ewes pregnant. At least this amount I can squeeze in the barn out of the weather- like hail today! You are welcome- I actually did not do anything to help- you guys did it all on your own. You new lamb is also gorgeous!

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