More lambs!

So early this afternoon Daphnie finally lambed.  She did not like us watching but ultimately pushed out a black ewe lamb with agouti markings- white on her neck, forehead and in her ears.  This means she will grey with time.  We are calling her Dinah.

Then after 10-15 minutes she produced a second ewe lamb- this one covered in meconium (poop).  This was has more agouti markings so will be a light grey color.  We are calling her Dixie. 
 They were moved into a lambing pen and are up and nursing. Three ewes and one doe to go!

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2 Responses to More lambs!

  1. HisTek says:

    congratulations on the new lambs and kids. I was hoping you’d start seeing more lambs finally. They are all very cute. Tom, nice save! You all must be very tired.

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks! We are both very tired but you are right- very nice save.

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