Saying goodbye to dogs

So I had to say goodbye to Josie today. She was our Lab-Ridgeback dog that we had since she was a puppy three years ago. She is a really good dog- very active and friendly. But she dug a lot and dug a hole under our pasture gate, allowing two goats to escape, one of which was killed. So we could not keep her here. We found a nice home on acreage with three children to play with. They do not care about digging and do not have livestock. So it is a really good fit, but I am still crying. I am not used to giving away animals that I am so attached to, even if it is for the best.

We had already found a home for our Rottweiler Queenie who was also involved in the attack. We found a Navy home for her with older children and no other animals. So we found a good home for her too.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Donna, I was so very sorry to read about the goats and dogs in your earlier post. These dogs don’t know how lucky they are. If that had happened here, they would have been dealt with immediately (not new homes).
    Bless your heart. I do hope this solves the problem.

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you Kathy. The dogs were doing what the are supposed to do- one is a guard dog and the other is a rodent dog. And the goats do what they are supposed to do- escape. It was just a bad combination here. So now the dogs have homes where their tendencies will do good rather than harm. At least, I sure hope so. And the goats should be safer.

  3. roundaboutacres says:

    Donna – I had to re-home a dog that wasn’t working out with us. It is a tough thing to do but better for all. And I agree, all the critters were just doing what they normally do.

  4. HisTek says:

    I am glad you found different homes for the dogs. You are a very kind person. The Pyrenees we had for 3 years wasn’t so blessed. He attacked my husband, and myself and my son’s guineas. Even the humane society wouldn’t take him so he was put down. I felt pretty bad but it was for the best.

  5. Donna says:

    Thanks Terri and Jackie, It is tough but better for them and us over time. If these dogs had busted into the pasture and killed a goat, we would have put them down ourselves. But with what happened, we choose to find new home instead, and it seems to have worked out. As a side note, the cats are happier. Josie liked to chase them although she never hurt them. Now one of the cats is sleeping at the front door cuddled with our Chesapeake. So this demonstrates we did the right thing.

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