So today I put my breeding groups together. First I separated the rams. This is Jocko in his new field. His face has become quite battered over time.

This are the lucky ewes very reluctantly being led to their mates.
Here’s the infamous “Shetland flop” in which a Shetland sheep being asked to something they do not wish to do will flop over and play dead. It is a very effective technique. I was unable to get a photo, but she actually did the flop in 6 inches of water we were wading through thanks to the buckets of rain we received yesterday. I hope it is not cold tonight for her.
Here’s Jocko’s group. He (Bitterroot Ansel) is in with Bing Bank Wink (a primitive mioget) and TPP Heidi (a moorit with gorgeous intermediate fleece).
This is Lewis’ group. ShelteringPines Lewis is in with Donna’sSheep Mona (black ewe who carries spots) and Donna’sSheep Miss Lizzie (moorit who carries spots). Miss Lizzie is trying to get out through the gate.
These are the rams not being bred and looking on wistfully. One has soon-to-be-lethal horns so will be butchered very soon, and the other needs to develop and grow up first.
This is Everranch Jackson who is being bred to our Everranch Moll and Tanya- all of which are grey Gotland-Finn cross sheep. They will produce our first ever percentage Gotland lambs.Then the goats were put in their groups. This is Donna’s Yahoo in with our Angora doe Angie. I am hoping for spotted Nigoras from this breeding.
This is a bad photo (thanks to the flash not working) of Ravencrest Luck of the Draw (Cody) in with Ravencrest Saphire Duchess. This combination has produced lovely blue-eyed buckskin kids in the past.
And finally our most recent addition Deliteful Ijaba Dean in with Donna’s Meadowlark, Magpie and Patches. They are all related to our other two bucks so get the new blood. There should be some amazing spotting for these combinations.

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5 Responses to Breeding!

  1. Becky Utecht says:

    Oh, Gotland-Finn crosses? I’ll bet that fleece is pretty nice. 🙂
    I loved the photo of the Shetland flop. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Yes the fleeces are gorgeous. I have not found time to play with them yet. I thought Shetland shepherds would appreciate a photo of the “flop”.

  3. roundaboutacres says:

    Love the “flop.” So true! How much of a percentage do your offspring have to be to be called “percentage Gotland?”

  4. Donna says:

    Yes, I thought it was a classic flop!

    Any percentage Gotland can be “recorded” stock per the GSBANA. Ewes need to be 75% and rams 87.5% to be “registered” stock. The guidelines are at

  5. Donna says:

    Correction: Jackson is 12.5% Lincoln, 62.5% Gotland and 25% Shetland.

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