Bunny Wool

So on Farmville, you just click your mouse to harvest Angora Wool.  Well, let me tell you it is not so easy.  I start by catching one of our Satin Angora rabbits and then place it on a table covered with a clean towel.  I clip the wool of the backs and sides first and save it.  Then I sit down with the bunny on my lap and clip the belly, leg and neck wool, then trim the toe nails.  This is when they sometimes decide they have had enough and suddenly jump, kick, bite , etc.  With their heads down they are supposed to be hypnotized but without warning they can leap into action.  One managed to scratch my tummy pretty good.  Of course when they are moving, it is easy to nip them.  One of my rabbits had matts down to the skin so also got nipped getting these off.  So the bunnies and me are all sore today.  Here’s the result of the efforts:

For those of you wondering why I go through this, Angora rabbits have been developed by people to produce wool, and it needs to be harvested, or it will matt horribly and become miserable for the rabbits.  They did not seem to appreciate my efforts though.  Now I have three more to go.  I am trying to decide whether to clip them today to wait to heal.

This next photos I just though was cute:

I call it “Two Black Goats, Short and Tall”

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4 Responses to Bunny Wool

  1. Kathy says:

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one with nosey animals. No matter, what I’m doing I always have an audience. We can’t go out in the yard without letting our goat loose to follow, or he throws a fit.

  2. Our goats are often too nosey, checkin gout the hammering, the tools, the feed shed, the hay barn, etc..

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    Cute Photos!

  4. Thanks Jackie! I am starting to set up the blog with your husband’s service. Hopefully it will be suitable for public viewing soon!

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