Bottlin’ Wines

So we bottled our wines last night.  First we bottled the Merlot I received as a kit for Christmas.  It does not taste good now, but I am really hoping it will in 1-3 months time.

The plums wine, however, is really good.  It is sweet, quite plummy and very alcoholy as well.  We only have 4 bottles for all that work, but I got to drink the leftover glass full while watching the Olympics!

We corked for the first time.  We borrowed my mom’s and step-dad’s corker (as well as some wine bottles).  Tom had to push fairly hard to get the corks in the bottles, and the tops of the corks were sheared off with the force.  I need to ask Mom and Al if this is what is supposed to happen, or if our corks are too big.

We did run out of wine bottles as well as corks so had to use the champagne bottles and caps.  I labelled the wines today, and they will go out to our “cellar” in a couple of days.  Below is the final product.

(Note the cool Hoosier cabinet behind them.  This is a recent Craig’s List find.  I have always wanted one, but they cost more than I wanted to spend.  This one was only $500.  It is lacking the flour sifter and has new shelves in the upper portion of the cabinet, but the price was right!  This was supposed to be my Valentine’s present, but Tom went ahead and got me perfume anyway.  What a sweetheart!)

Last but not least, I thought the setting sun on the llamas last evening looked pretty so took a photo.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Your farm is beautiful, and the wine looks good

  2. Thanks Kathy. Sometimes our farm looks beautiful to me, and sometimes it looks like a muddy, flooded, icy, and/or snowy mess. Other times it just looks like work. So it is nice to appreciate those times when it is just pretty. The wine is definitely pretty.

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