Vet Visit

So we had a visit from our veterinarian today, Dr. Peter Brown. I primarily asked him to come out to look at our llama, Fancy. She has had drainage from her right eye and increased blinking. The oxytetracycline injection I gave her did not make any difference so I was worried it was something more serious, maybe glaucoma. Well, it turns out it is much more serious. It looks like squamous cell carcinoma. So now we are gathering more information about taking her eye out (which may not take the whole cancer out), injecting it with a substance to stimulate a local immune response, or having her put down. Not what I was expecting, at all.  Here she is in the stanchion, awaiting the vet visit.

We also had our bucks undergo repeat testing for CAE, CL and Johnes, since breeding season is over, and we do outside breeding.  In catching Cody, our first buck, I noticed that he has a lesion on the side of his mouth.  It is thickened there, has lost hair and is oozing a little blood.  So I had our vet look at this too.  He thinks it is an injury, and that certainly is likely since Cody is our best escape artist.  He recently has been getting out of his pen, either by squeezing through the hog panel gate or jumping out.  We managed to fix both these problems, but as the vet is telling me about the injury I notice a few hog panel bars bent outward in the corner of the pen.  So he suggested a oxytetracycline injection, and we’ll see if it heals OK.  Here’s the bucks await their vet visit.

So Fancy’s illness is worse than I thought, and Cody’s is less serious.  I guess that’s the way it goes…

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6 Responses to Vet Visit

  1. goatgirl says:

    Poor Fancy. Give her a pat from me.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hope everything works out with Fancy. That’s the only hard part about loving nature, every season has a reason, but sometimes its hard to understand. Hope everthing works out for you.

  3. Tammy says:

    Sorry to hear about Fancy. I’m sure that was a shock. I hope that you can come to a decision that you are at peace with, I know it must be hard.

  4. I do feel bad for Fancy. The vet is supposed to get back with us on Monday about our options. He has experience with this in cows but not in llamas so wants to gather more information first. Any of the options are going to be unpleasant for her, but I want to choose the one that makes the most sense for her. Fancy doesn’t really like pats, but I likely will pet her when we do whatever we have to do. She will probably like the grain better.

  5. Randy says:

    Sorry bout Fancy. There’s always hope.

  6. Thanks Randy,
    I think the best option for her will be the injection. I cannot see her without one eye- I think she would be freaked out and potentially hurt herself.

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