Chicks! (and bottle feeding bunny)

So we received a call at 6:00 AM that the chicks had arrived!  I drove down to the post office and picked them up.  Here they are in their shipping box.  Per the invoice there are 6 Speckled Sussex,  4 Ameraucana, 6 Black Australorp, 6 Colored Dorking, 7 Dominique, 6 Single Comb Light Brown Leghorn and 11 free!?! Black Leghorn.   They all arrived looking quite healthy and ready to eat and drink.  Here they are in their pen:

Doesn’t that look a lot better than an empty pen?  The hatchery couldn’t fulfill my entire order now so the rest will arrive in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, still no more lambs or kids.  And we are down to one bunny that needs to be fed by the bottle.  Here he/she is:

Tomorrow we will attempt to sex them.  It is a 2 person job so I will need Tom’s help.  This farming thing is kind of odd, isn’t it?

Well, the seed potatoes finally arrived so I will be planting those today, ideally between rain showers. This is on top of the regular chores and trimming goat hooves.

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  1. Krista M says:

    That bunny is soooo cute! My girls didn’t believe me. Looks like a stuffed animal for a cat or dog, but I know better. Lucky you on the chicks, wow, 11 extra! Hope they prosper now.
    Enjoy your Earth Day!

  2. Thanks Krista. This is a nice Earth Day, isn’t it?

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    I have never seen a baby rabbit bottle fed. That is really cute. We watched a Star Trek episode the other day, “The Trouble With Tribbles” on YOU Tube. The kids had never seen it. The bunny reminds me of a Tribble with ears!

  4. Thanks Jackie. I had only seen one photo before. I do not remember that Star Trek episode so will have to believe you on the Tribble similarity. Bottle feeding rabbits is harder than it looks. Today was the first day I could take a photo because prior to this I needed both hands constantly to keep the feeding going.

  5. Teresa says:

    Love the chicks and bunny! All the babies are what makes spring such a great season.

  6. Teresa, you’re right. Yesterday I was upset with spring because of all the male violence (the roosters attacking each other, the pheasant roosters attacking each other, the peacock attacking the pheasant rooster) and all the innocent newborn death. But you cannot have all this amazing babies without these other issues too.

  7. Randy says:

    The chicks are adorable. I wanted to order new chicks this year, but just couldn’t work it out. We did manage to hatch a few, though. Bottle fed bunny, eh?

  8. Thanks Randy. That’s good you were able to hatch a few. I have not had any luck with the incubator recently, but our brown leghorns brood well for us. Yes, bottle fed bunny. That makes 4 species now I have bottle fed.

  9. Wow, you have babies everywhere. Been kinda crazy around here. Greenhouses opened this week, grass is growing like crazy and we have had back to back softball games. I did finally break down and brought home 3 chicks when I went to get feed the other day. I had walked past them all spring and finally gave in. I almost brought home a bunny, but we have one, then you get 2, then…. well you know how that story goes. I am still waiting on my calves from the heifers, I don’t know what the hold up is, I am are starting to get a little nervous. Congrats on the twins, they are adorable.

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