Introducing Mona’s Lambs

Mona had twin black krunet ram lambs last night.  I had to help her though.  She was acting restless and not pushing hard.  Her water broke, and there weren’t any parts presenting.  I let her push three times and then knew I had a situation.  When I felt inside, her lamb was butt first with his legs forward.  So I pushed the lamb back in, pulled the back legs down trying to make sure they didn’t tear her, and then pulled him out.  He was lifeless initially.  I stimulated him and tried to clear the fluid.  Then I gave him a few mouth to mouth breaths, and he finally came around, breathing and shaking his head.  I thought he was going to be dead for sure.  So above meet Bo.

She then delivered a second ram lamb without difficulty.  This second lamb stood and ate before Bo did.  I think Bo was still a little shell shocked.  So meet Diddley:

They are both nursing well and nibbling on hay already.  They will both be wethered and available for sale as wethers for $50 at weaning.

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7 Responses to Introducing Mona’s Lambs

  1. Good thing you were there to help the little guy 🙂
    Thanks for sharing because I learn things reading about your experiences.

  2. Tammy says:

    Glad to hear that all turned out well. They look like big boys too!

  3. Thanks. I am glad I was able to help. I have been considering not breeding sheep anymore- maybe taking a year off. But when I pulled this lamb and sat down to take it all in, I was thinking that I am getting pretty good at this stuff.

  4. Jackie Craw says:

    Congratulations Donna! You are an awesome sheep midwife! I’m glad Bo made it, and it’s because of you. Both lambs are very cute!

  5. Thanks Jackie. I think all three may have died if I hadn’t have been there. I am so glad she waited until I was around to deliver. Monday both Tom and I were at work, and things may not have turned out so well.

  6. sheepsclothing says:

    Ooh! cute little guys! So, do you think they will both stay black? I will definitely stay tuned to the blog as lambing progresses- hoping to populate the newly fenced pasture this summer!

    • Thanks Denise! They are cute. I forget year to year exactly how cute lambs are. Lambing is progressing VERY slowly here, but I will try to keep my blog updated. We have three very pregnant appearing ewes.

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