Angie’s kid

So Angie, our grey Angora doe, kidded a single red and black Nygora doeling this evening.  I was expecting more kids from her, but nothing else has happened in one hour.  We will be calling her Ruby Tuesday.  I am hoping she will retain her pretty red color once she is dry.

We are still waiting on more lambs.  These ewes look like they could pop at any minute, but they have looked this way for about one week.  Hopefully soon!

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5 Responses to Angie’s kid

  1. Looks like you have the same view I do. I have been looking at the same cows butt almost 2 weeks. The moon changes tomorrow, maybe that will kick them in gear.

  2. Jody says:

    Those are some humungous udders! I am waiting on a Finn to lamb….boy these sheep like to take their own sweet time!

  3. I hope something kicks into gear. I need some sleep, and they clearly need some lambs to nurse.

  4. Teresa says:

    “Sleep–if only I could sleep all night!” That is what I will be saying in a little over a month, so you definitely have my sympathies now. Beautiful little girl Angie had. Certainly looks like the rest will have to have babies soon.

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