Life beats out death today

So I did the animal chores this morning, and every beast seemed fine except Wink was acting like she might be in early labor.  She wasn’t interested in eating and laid around in the barn.  But no progress so I took Saphie’s three kids in to be disbudded and returned home.  Still no progress so I let the kids recover from sedation in the house.  Just when they were starting to wake up I heard a labor sound coming from the barn monitor.  So I grab the kids, headed to the barn, and found Tinker-bell just being delivered.  She was covered in meconium so there was some stress, but she was toweled and licked off then stood up looking for an udder.  The kids went back in with Saphie.  I moved Mona and her lambs out of their pen and moved Tink and Wink in.  I thought Wink might be done as she did not show any signs of labor for 1/2 hour, but I hung around just in case.  Then she started pushing.  Out came Pixie Dust.  Again covered in meconium but otherwise no worse for the wear.  She was up and nursing in no time.  They will both be mioget (golden brown) like their parents and sisters.  

Angie’s kid Ruby is looking good (although more golden than red after drying off).  She will produce gorgeous golden fiber too.  Here she is:

The paralyzed bunny is doing OK, scooting around the cage on a towel with 2 other bunnies.  He has been able to pee on his own since last evening.  I am not sure if that is a good sign or not, but I hope so.  The other llamas still seem fine.  My vet thinks maybe it was an intestinal tumor that cause an obstruction.  If that’s the case, it shouldn’t affect the other llamas.  So today LIFE 2, Death 0.

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6 Responses to Life beats out death today

  1. Michelle says:

    Hurray for the winning side!!!

  2. Jackie Craw says:

    Yeah!!! 2 beautiful lambs, and a kid! Life can be so bittersweet sometimes. The week my lambs were born, I lost a good friend to cancer. People and animals, always coming and going in this life.
    Glad the bunny is adapting.

  3. Karen Anne says:

    I am so sorry about the bunny. I have a friend who had a spinal injury, and he has slowly been recovering. It takes quite awhile for swelling to go down, if that’s what’s impacting the spinal cord. So I would not lose hope if things take awhile. I imagine it is very good that the bunny is peeing on his own.

    You might want to phone your vet and ask if there in anything to do, like a steroid shot to reduce the swelling to prevent damage to the spinal cord. Although as a layperson I would guess that might interfere with staving off infection.

  4. Thank you guys! The lambs are doing great. My vet gave me a very pessimistic outlook for my bunny so I am trying to stay realistic, but it is so hard. Plus he couldn’t pee on his own again this morning. But so far he is acting fine, scooting well, and finishing his bottle feeds quickly. So we’ll see what happens and try not to get attached (too late!).

  5. Teresa says:

    I’m glad things are going better. My thoughts will be with you and your little bunny.

  6. Thanks Teresa.

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