Summer Arrives (Addendum)

So after 3 hours of getting water for critters and moving them, and Tom going to the feed store, and the tractor overheating while trying to mow the field, we decided to give up and head down to the river.  So we packed up three dogs into the pick up and headed to the Samish.  I cannot describe how wonderful and refreshing this was.

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  1. Tina T-P says:

    Wow, that’s sounds like a good idea – hope you had a good time.

    The Shepherd is totally jealous of your hay! The guy he guys hay from “miscalculated” and sold his last ten bales – and that was all the guy had – and they haven’t been too thrilled with the feed store hay he bought last week. Hopefully with this good weather the guy will have some for him soon.

    How are Moni & Jewel doing? T.

  2. It was so wonderful, pretty, calming and cool!
    It is gorgeous hay. Last year our regular hay guy did not get another cutting so we had to scrounge and ended up with expensive yellow hay with bits of trash (literally) in it. So we knew to get it now. We also ran out in March so ahve been buying feed soter hay which is crappy. So now we have 14 tons of pretty greens stuff. You should have seen the line up of pickups with trailers trying to get some of this stuff at dusk from the field!
    Moni and Jewel are completely integrated with the flock and seem fine. Probably hot like everyone else.

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