Oregon Coast Trip (not entirely farm related post)

So we had to pick up a cider press in Elmira, Oregon that I ordered for Tom for his birthday.  His birthday was in January, and the press is now ready.  So we decided to make a trip of it, going via the Oregon coast.  It was also our 7th anniversary which was an added reason to celebrate.  So we got on 101 in Olympia and took it as far south as Florence before we turned inland going to Elmira and then home via I-5.  Here’s some of the photos of our journey.

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4 Responses to Oregon Coast Trip (not entirely farm related post)

  1. Jody says:

    Oh wow that is so beautiful. Maybe someday I will get to the Stateside of the west coast.

  2. It is gorgeous.

  3. rabbtux says:

    Gorgeous photos! It looked like fun!!! Glad you made it back safely. The cider press looks like it will pump out some great stuff.

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