Barn Wall Demo, Part 1

So Tom is back home, and the barn wall demo has begun!  Here’s a view from the inside of the barn with the first hole in the wall and the jack holding things up.  Below is the barrier we built with hog panels and fencing to keep the chickens, sheep and  goats contained during the demo process.

Here’s an inspection of the demo process.

Here’s a close up of the corner post laying on the ground.  Once again we are finding that the posts that are supposed to be holding the barn up are rotted out completely at ground level.

Here’s the second section of wall down.

Here’s an example of the fine plumber’s tape construction that the original builders used.

It turns out that the third wall section I took down was only being held up by a loop of baling twice wrapped around one of the boards. Nice!


Once again, I will have to start an injury repost.  Like last year’s demo/construction, it turns out I am a completely klutz and a hazard to myself.  So far today I have smash my thumb nailing and stepped on a nail that went through my boot and into my heel about 1/2 “.

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6 Responses to Barn Wall Demo, Part 1

  1. Chai Chai says:

    Wow, Sometimes it is amazing what keeps buildings from collapsing in upon themselves. This will be interesting how you chronicle repairing this thing.

    I like the injury report feature, but please be careful.

    • It is amazing that this thing is standing. I will be chronicling it, as best I can. Tom will be working on it alter in the week when I am at work.

      I had an injury report last year when we replaced the center posts, roof and built the hay loft. I felt like I needed to describe the toll this work takes. I will be careful, but I thought I was being careful today.

  2. Teresa says:

    I can completely relate to the injury count. I’ve been very hard on myself this year. What can you do? Get a tetanus shot and keep on smashing away! Hope the rest of the renovation goes without injury.

  3. sheepsclothing says:

    Baling twine, eh? Scary. Good thing that you guys are getting those walls replaced! Before long you will have a completely new barn-

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