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I have been working a lot at my “day” job this last week so have not been doing any farm chores, or even seeing my animals.  So today I felt obliged (despite the rain) to get something done.  So I decided to do rabbit maintenance today.  This involves shearing, plucking, brushing, matt clipping, and toe nail trimming all 17 of our rabbits.  Part of the impetus is that 2 rabbits are moving to Canada tomorrow morning.  Some of the adult rabbits did not have enough wool to bother with but the bunnies and the outdoor adults did.  (Does weather affect rabbit wool growth?)  Anyway, here’s the result of my hard work (plus sore hands and back).

Tom decided to use the tractor to scoop out the barn.  First thing the fan belt on the tractor broke.  Naturally we did not have that size of belt so he had to drive into town, go to an auto parts store and buy one.  Then he had to remove the radiator hose and antifreeze to get to where the belt needed to be replaced.  Replace the belt, hose and new antifreeze, and he was in business.  He had almost half the barn done when the wheel fell off the tractor.  I was moving critters in the field and heard quite a but of cussing.  This is what I found when I got back to the barn.

He gave up at this point.  Tomorrow will be tractor wheel repair day for Tom (and international rabbit delivery day for me).

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4 Responses to Back to Farm Chores

  1. Krista M says:

    I am in your boat, Donna. I feel like I have barely seen animals this week. School in session and catch up on life for me(finally!) from paperwork, to bills, to groceries, etc. Never ends, and I don’t work. I feel Tom’s verbage all the way to Snoho, sorry Tom:( Here’s to a better week for both of you.
    And I love all my Woolley animals, thank you much!

    • Thanks Krista. All the way to Snoho- wow! It better get better or we won’t make much progress.
      I am glad you are loving your animals- although you haven’t seen them lately 😉

  2. Teresa says:

    I hate those days when everything falls apart. Hope things get fixed tomorrow and the work done. It looks like you have a productive day with the rabbits.

    • Thanks Teresa. My day did not fall apart although Tom’s (or at least the tractor’s) sure did. The rabbits are done anyway. Now there’s just the goats’ hooves, donkeys’ hooves, garden tending, picking blackberries, pressing apples, replacing gates, finishing barn walls………………………

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