Animal Footcare

I have spent much of this week caring for animals’ feet.  Yesterday I got the farrier to come over (no small feat!) and trim the donkeys’ hooves up.  Later I trimmed the 16 goat does’ and wethers’ feet.  Then today I caught and trimmed the bucks feet.

Everyone looks good (except one skinny old goat) after a summer on the pasture.  Fecal examinations were clean, and they are in good condition for the winter ahead.  I am now procratinating on trimming the sheep’s 172 feet (43 sheep) until October. I haven’t even begun to think about when I will trim the llamas.


First, the bunnies made it to Canada OK.  Here they are ready to go.

I had interesting questions both going north and returning.  But the international bunny transaction went through.

Second, the tractor is still out of commission therefore so is the barn scooping.  None of the local tire or tractor stores have this style of wheel so we had to order it online.  It should arrive in the next 1-2 days.  So Tom has been working on gates and fencing.  He has replaced 7 gates so far.

To the untrained eye, this may not look like much, but to us it is a thing of beauty.  It keeps non-compatible animals from killing each other, it keeps unplanned pregnancies from happening, and it prevents us from having to chase escaped animals back where they are supposed to be.  Like this little munchkin

She is small and learning all the tricks from her mother (Patches Pal, in front) about how to wiggle through the smallest of holes.  Hopefully she is thwarted for now.

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6 Responses to Animal Footcare

  1. Teresa says:

    Fence is a never ending chore! My goats all figured out it is fun to go eat at the neighbors. I’ll be hauling more panels down and calling a surveyor to come up with a more permanent fix. I can truly appreciate that gate!

  2. sheepsclothing says:

    A good solid gate is indeed a thing of beauty. And those donkeys are pretty darn cute, too.

    And I meant to tell you- now that I’ve taken a good look at the big apple tree, I’m not sure it would be worth your while to come out here and pick. Not an especially good year. Maybe we need to start keeping bees…..

  3. aimee says:

    should have done it before the weather turned. Much easier and less icky when it is dry out.

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