4 Goats Walk

It is finally sunny!  And so we took all four potential pack goats for a walk.  They are not quite ready for prime time but no major failures.  The two larger goats are Zeus and Lil and the younger-and-still-growing goats are Sparrow and Asa-Billy.

Below is a photo of Tom and Zeus before our walk.  It shows how big Zeus is.  Plus it shows the last part of the barn that needs repair this summer, once the ground is no longer mud.  Then, after three summers, our barn will finally be done!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I lost your email address when I changed computers, so I’m contacting you this way. Daisy had her first litter, and I thought you might like to know about it – I just put a post on my blog, http://www.thespeckledhenfarm.blogspot.com. I didn’t do the nest box management that you told me about – the whole thing happened sooner than expected so I wasn’t quite ready (that’s a big theme on my farm!)…..anyway, all is well – 6 gorgeous babies. None white. White must be recessive? Next I’ll breed her to a white buck and see what happens. Your baby Nigerians are to die for!! I want to get some of those too!

    • I will check them out. It is good to hear they are doing well. Red eyed white is dominant but blue eyed white recessive. So it depends on which type of white buck you use too. Thanks for the compliment on the goats. They are quite cute. There will be more born in late July.

  2. Jody says:

    Zeus is a big guy but he looks very friendly. I am only familiar with rams and I know to watch my back with them 🙂
    Your goats look like they have it pretty good and they look happy!

    • He is a very friendly big guy. I have never had any problems with bucks or wethers. I have had some ram problems but the current group is well behaved but not to be trusted. I hope our goats have it good and will agree to pack some gear in exchanged for food and shelter.

  3. Teresa says:

    So glad things are working out better with the goats than the llamas for backpacking. Of course they are such fun adventurous creatures! It will be so nice for you to have the barn completed.

    • So far so good but we haven’t really tested the system yet. They do seem to enjoy the little walks though. It will be nice to have the barn finally done. Of course, we aren’t quite there yet, still have to do the remaining work.

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