New (to me) Carder

So I bought a used electric drum carder last week.  I am not sure we can afford it, but it was a good deal and I have been wanting one for a long time.  Here’s the first fiber I processed with it.  The fiber is from Hershey, a long dead favorite sheep of mine.  It had been through my Ashford carder once and since it was already washed I used it to test out my new machine.  I pulled the fiber off the drum with a diz and here’s the result:

So now I need to justify my purchase.  I washed and dried all the cashmere fiber I have from our goats.  And today I washed 5 fleeces that I had saved to get them ready for the carder.  Now they are drying.  From top to bottom there’s Jemima’s lamb fleece, a 2009 Wink fleece, 2 Coug’s Mohair fleeces, and Barney’s fleece.

There are three more Shetland fleeces and 3 more llama fleeces I can get ready too.

In other farm news, we tattooed our goat kids to get them ready for their new home.  Here’s Petunia waiting to get her ears tattooed.

And there has been quite a bit of weather here.  Storms with a lot of wind and rain have been rolling through.  It has been a little warmer though, above freezing during the day and below freezing at night.  Here’s some hose ice to demonstrate the night-time freezing.

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4 Responses to New (to me) Carder

  1. sheepsclothing says:

    was wondering if you got the motorized carder- looks like it’s doing a nice job. should make it a little easier to get through the fiber backlog, eh? Love the Petunia in a box picture. She looks like she’s packed and ready to go on a trip!

  2. Debbie Wolf says:

    Do you rent out your electric drum carder?

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