Butcher Day

HogsToday was Butcher Day.  Thankfully I had to work so did not partake.  The hogs, Desi and Lucy, were lead out to the front yard with grain.  When they were rooting around under the crabapples trees each was shot.LucyThey were then brought to the driveway were they were processed.

DesiThen a pan of grain was brought to the rams and DC was shot while he was eating.  The other three rams did get scared and ran behind the shelter.  DC was then brought out front for processing.  Tom froze the sheepskin as he plans to tan it.

DCI really hope they had good lives with us and humane deaths.  They will make good meat for us.  We will appreciate every bite, and it will nourish our bodies.

blossoms and bee





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8 Responses to Butcher Day

  1. Vesta says:

    They had good lives with you. We did the same thing on the farm I grew up with.

  2. Brandy says:

    Yeppers, that is all one can hope for, and ask for, when raising animals who end up food for you. Provide as good a life as you can until it is time for them to nourish you in return. Having grown up on a small family farm it was always that way with us.

  3. John says:

    It was hard getting rid of my pigs for slaughter last year…but In retrospect I am very proud that we did it

    • Donna says:

      Thanks John! Despite the guilt, it is the best way to go for meat. I do not know about your country, but here factory farms for meat are very sad.

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