Tanning a Sheepskin

So we are learning how to tan a sheepskin at home.  We had to clear out room in our freezers for meat so it sped up the process to do this.  Tom had placed the skin of DC in the freezer when he was butchered in May of last year.  So we thawed it out and began salting it over 1 week ago.  Friday Tom fleshed it and yesterday resalted it.  Here it is under the salt:

salted sheepskinToday we rinsed it off

Tom rinsing sheepskinand placed it in a brine solution, weighing it down with a water container.

sheepskin in brining solutionTom has been sick with a nasty cold these last few days making this process a little less pleasant.  Now it will sit in the brine for >24 hours and then we start pickling it.

The weather outside is nasty, Tom is sick, and I do not want to be.  So we will hang out in the house the rest of today.  I will do taxes and render some lard, and Tom will watch Nascar.  Hope you have a nice Sunday!




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  1. mcfwriter says:

    I’m so impressed, Donna! If there’s a next time, I’d love to come up to help and learn!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Maureen! This is a many step process with one to several days between each step. So I do not think it is practical for you to drive up for each little step. I will keep posting about our progress on the blog. We purchased a sheepskin tanning kit online from Taxidermy Art Supply and are using their instructions and supplies.

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