It’s Always Something

skyThe day started out nice.  I had to pick up and deliver meat today so needed to get the chores done in a timely fashion.  I did notice a beautiful sky, and the snow is starting to melt.

weathercockBut then I saw that two of the pheasant hens had returned to their destroyed pen, one inside the fence and one outside.  I tried to catch them but no luck, they flew away.

escaped pheasant hensWhen the pen was destroyed, the ducks and peacocks managed to stay inside.  So we had caught them and moved them into a pen in the barn until we could resurrect their home.  Today I decided it would be nice to place new shavings down in their temporary pen. While I was doing this one of the peacocks busted out and flew to a tree outside the barn yard.

peacock and catHe has our barn cat watching him and two beagles on the ground stalking him.  I was terribly worried we was going to make a mistake and get killed.  But he stay in the tree a while calling to his brother.

peacock in tree

Then he flew into the barnyard and tried to find him.  I herded the geese out of the pasture since I think they killed their parents.  And then I finished the chores and did my errands.  When I returned, the other peacock had busted out of the barn pen too, and they were together again (bad iPhone photo).

togetherNow we just need to catch the pheasants before they are eaten.

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  1. Nightmare x

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    Oh no.

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