Wet Sheep and Cattle Maintenance

wet sheep

I swore I was not going to complain about the rain and the mud after what happened in Oso,  but this is getting ridiculous.  And I am sure the sheep agree.  Here they are wading through the lake that is now formed under our gates to get to new pasture.  We have had over 7.5 inches this month and 2.5 inches in the last 4 days (according to Grampa’s rain gauge).  Below is the manure spreader shelter where I found the goats cowering the other day and had to save them and moved them to the donkey pen.

wet shelterGreata getting medicated

Today we did cattle maintenance on our 4 cows.  Above is our Highland cow Greta being wormed and getting copper.  Below she is getting ready to get her vaccination.

Greta about to get vaccine

Needless to say this is hard work for us and the cattle.  Glad it is over!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Ugh; that is a LOT of water. And that Greta is a blond beauty!

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