Boles Aero

Tom on Boles

As you will remember, I received a 1969 Boles Aero trailer for my birthday.  Since then we (well, mostly Tom) have been refurbishing it.  Above is Tom sealing the roof for the third time, and below are photos of the interior under construction.

back of Boles under constructionfront of Boles under construction

We have been enjoying (for the most part) this renovation, and then we got to go shopping to furnish out with vintage supplies.  Here is some of the items we purchased on our dining room table.

Boles supplies

So finally this Labor Day weekend we got to take it to its new home, the property where my father’s cabin burned down a little more than one year ago.  Here we are leaving our home on the journey.

Boles Aero pulling out

Unfortunately on the way up Snoqualmie Pass, one of our tires exploded and damaged the exterior wall of the Boles as well as tan interior closet.  It was pretty scary.

Boles Aero blown wall

But we finally made it and started setting it up.  Here is the first time my father and husband were able to sit down in the trailer.

sitting down for first time in Boles Aero

And here are some photos after it was furnished.

Boles Aero furnished kitchenBoles Aero furnished bedroomBoles Aero woodstove with beagleBoles Aero furnished viewWe are all so thrilled about how it turned out.  I hated to leave it today and am excited to go back and have a “cabin” again.

P.S.  Here is a photo my husband took of it on the outside in its new location.


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4 Responses to Boles Aero

  1. Pat says:

    I would love that too. Enjoy. did you buy the wood stove new because I never see them for sale around here.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Pat! We will enjoy it. We ordered the stove online and it was shipped to us. It was hard to find a small enough one that seemed well built.

  2. Judy Murphy says:

    I need some advice about my Boles. Please call me. 1-229-319-0557
    Thanks, Judy Murphy

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